This self-titled debut is a sensual collection of R&B treasures.

Skye Morales Skye
Skye Morales Skye

“SKYE” is a nineteen-minute exploit of music sagacity. The EP places New York-born singer Skye Morales as a promising rising star in R&B musicscape, blending sultry and hushed vocals to trap drum beats and neo-soul tempos.

Although sonically cohesive, Morales highlights that the themes and the moods of the EP fluctuate and change with each song; there are songs like “Sedative”, a dark and moody opening track about questioning one’s feelings, but also like “Tequila Sex”, playful and naughty Doja Cat-like cuts that alternate each other. Morales emphasises that one of the main pushes when writing was allowing herself to be consumed by the emotions, as a result transforming the EP into a “vent session”.

“I’m deep, at times I’m talking about lighthearted topics but that’s me. I wake up with different feelings. My EP and Album will be reflective of that.” Skye explains. “I grew accustomed to figuring out who I am through experiences and less guidance, so here’s a compilation of that.”

Take a listen to Skye’s R&B gem below…