The US-born, Latin singer-songwriter talks second single “CALAVERA”.


Photography by Marbella Music

Photography by Marbella Music

MAR’s odyssey into the creative industry was almost inevitable. Growing up with her Cuban mother and Mexican superstar artist Marco Antonio Solis, the rising talent was cocooned in music and creativity. She first took piano lessons at age six and later focussed on vocals, the spoils of which are plain to see in her debut track “QUEDATÉ” and brand new sophomore single “CALAVERA”, which flexes her muscle for both songwriting and world-class performance.

The Spanish-language slow-burn banger takes cues from the likes Bad Bunny and Luis Fonsi, the latter of which MAR previously opened for. She also took to the stage lately in support of Venezuelan singer Danny Ocean, “It was an incredible experience!” she tells us below. “I also really admire Danny, so it was truly a huge honour for me to be a part of the event!”

Head below to read our chat with MAR all about the journey so far, new track “CALAVERA” and following in her famous dad’s footsteps…

You’ve had a busy year already with the release of your debut single in June, “QUEDATÉ”! What’s been the most exciting part of the journey since its release?
The most exciting part of the release has been my newfound soul tribe, connecting to people from all around the world, and representing my cultures.

Now you’re about to treat us again with your second single “CALAVERA”. Can you unpack the message you wanted to get across with the song?
This song is simply a reminder of how quickly we can all bounce back from an icky situation.

What do you think is the ideal setting to enjoy “CALAVERA” in?
I think the ideal setting is at a party, on a girls’ night out, at the club, in the car, or truly anywhere. My favourite place to listen to it is in the car so that the bass is on point!

We read that you opened for Danny Ocean in August! Fill us in on how that experience was for you.
It was an incredible experience! My first time singing at college, so I felt really at home, and I actually felt really nostalgic about having left college early to pursue my musical career, so it kind of felt like I was given an opportunity to flow with a lot of people around my age and be nourished by their uplifting, and open-hearted energy. I also really admire Danny, so it was truly a huge honour for me to be a part of this event!

You’ve also got a pretty impressive modelling career under your belt! Is that something you would like to explore more or do you feel the need to put all of your focus into the music now?
Last night I was actually just contemplating and meditating on the role of garments, and clothing pieces in my life. To me clothes are often something that feels like armour, in the sense that I am harbouring, protecting and introducing who I am without saying a word. Style is so intimate, and I think it goes hand-in-hand with music, so I feel very lucky to be able to express myself in both worlds in a way that expresses my inability to be defined.

Your dad is Marco Anotonio Solis! How has coming from his musical legacy affected the way you go about your artistry?
He has most definitely played an enormous role in how I go about showing up in the world as an artist. A few of the most important things that I’ve learned from the way he hones and infuses his expression and passion into the world is that there’s nothing more important than being authentic, honest, and vulnerable when pursuing this path. These elements will assure you a path that honours you and all of your shadows, which is truly a beautiful thing!

Who would you love to collaborate with that your fans might not expect?
Björk is somebody I would absolutely love to collaborate with as well as Juan Luis Guerra!

What would be your ultimate idea of success in the music industry?
This is an interesting concept because once you’re at the top of one mountain you’re at the bottom of another. For example, to me, winning a Grammy would be life-changing & incredibly impacting to me, yet if I made an ultimate goal, I feel that once I reach that point, I would start seeking the next thing! Success to me is being here now and fully immersing ourselves in this miracle of existence! My ultimate idea of success all around is to be rich in spirit, rich in happiness, rich in my awareness, and rich in connection with this beautiful planet and all who inhabit this world! What I want to do more than anything is spread more love & joy as much as I can. If I can positively impact at least one life, I’ve done something right.