The ambassadors sit down with us to talk through the fashion label’s latest campaign.

pepe jeans
pepe jeans

Grounded on a passion for British culture and inspired by the cult-classic varsity style, Pepe Jeans is a label that has dominated the fashion industry with its rule-bending approach to clothing — simultaneously championing style and mischief to cater for its free-spirited customers.

Demonstrating the label’s timelessness, Pepe Jeans unveils its AW22 Women’s collection with a brand new campaign, spearheaded by two London-born rising stars and brand ambassadors who embody all that is present within the modern zeitgeist: actress Daisy Jelley and model, content creator and business owner Sarah Lysander. Titled Caught on Camera, the campaign shows the label’s old-school collegiate styles in scenes of action as Jelley and Lysander visit a library inside one of London’s oldest hotels — not only setting the ultimate stage for Pepe Jeans’ traditional variety-inspired attire but also capturing the creativity and imagination that pulses within the labels veins.

As the ambassadors are encouraged to live out their curiosity, Caught on Camera explores a person’s inescapable desire to run riot — placing them within childhood fantasies with the help of a barren historical building. Running down spiralling staircases, laughing at the heart of a usually silent library and escaping back to the streets of London, the duo transgress expectations and defies convention, instead delighting in unrestrained fun. With Daisy in high-waisted pleated trousers and a quilted bomber jacket emblazoned with Pepe Jeans’ “P” emblem and Sarah in a checked wool coat and mini dress with loafers, the duo’s college style helps to further this revisiting of childhood — where our creativity is at its highest and our inhibitions are left untainted, an attitude that sets Pepe Jeans as one of our most beloved labels.

To celebrate the release of the campaign, we sat with both Daisy and Sarah to discuss their experience with filming, their personal styles and what London culture means to them. For the full interview, scroll below now…

pepe jeans
pepe jeans

Hey Daisy and Sarah! How are you both doing? Where are we speaking to you from? 
Daisy: Hi! I’m good thank you, I’m just speaking from home! 
Sarah: Hey Wonderland, I’m fantastic thank you very much. I’m currently speaking to you from a hotel room in Milan as I’m here for FW.
You both have such a big online presence. How do you find it? Is it ever difficult to manage? 
D: I guess you could say that yes. I feel very lucky that I get to share what I do with people and get to watch others succeed as well. There are of course positives and negatives to social media and I’ve learned to be able to step back from it when I need a break which has been really good for me. 
S: I’ll be truthful. At times it can be difficult to keep up with ever-changing trends, in terms of content. It takes a lot of adapting when new features and apps are introduced, however, this is also part of the excitement of my job.  I put pressure on myself to create content and can sometimes feel guilty if I’m not posting regularly enough, however at the same time I am so grateful that I’m able to make a career out of this.
What inspires you to create the content and do the work that you do?
D: I’ve always loved the arts and performing and the fashion world, I think its great that everyone can express themselves so freely online through things they create and what they wear. 
S: Before this, I was a full-time model, I always enjoyed editorials but wished I could have had more creative input, rather than being told what to wear, where to go and how to pose. My content and work shifts the control back to me and allows me to express myself creatively in all aspects. 
Let’s talk about your campaign with Pepe Jeans! What initially drew you to the brand? 
D: I actually saw a Pepe Jeans campaign on my agencies website when I first started modelling. I was 11 and I said to my mum that I wanted to work with Pepe Jeans. I would go back and rewatch the video thinking about how everyone looked so cool and how I wanted to be like that… so when I was offered this job, the younger me inside screamed.
S: I think that it represents British culture and has had so many iconic British talents in campaigns over the years. Being a London girl they had always stood out to me.
The campaign almost captures your free spirit, so how would you define that? What does that look like to you? 
D: Yes, I loved how the campaign was so fun and playful and we got to run around and dance. 
S: During the shoot itself, we were encouraged to be ourselves and interact with our surroundings and one another. Having this much freedom brought out a sense of my inner child as we were playing around with props on set and just having fun. 

What was your experience like in the historical building? Did you have any particular inspirations for the shoot? 
D: I think I heard that the lift was the oldest lift in England or something like that! I got to shoot my first shot in the lift and loved hearing about it. The architecture inside the building was so beautiful.
S: It’s always interesting being in a grand building. I think this was one of (if not the) oldest hotels in London. It was really spacious and had these amazing high ceilings, it made me wonder how many hidden treasures there are in the city that I haven’t yet visited.
And the campaign has a deep-rooted connection with London and British culture. What are your takes on London life? 
D: Yes! London life is busy and hectic, I love dry British humour and rainy days chilling inside. 
S: London is incredibly diverse, I have quite a diverse background so growing up here, the city has always resonated with me and continues to inspire me.
What are your personal take on the campaign? How does it translate to you personally? 
D: I love how it turned out and I felt to lucky to work alongside Sarah. This campaign makes me proud because I know it was something I always wanted to do from the start of my modelling career.
S: It took me back to my college days, we had a lot of fun on set and many of the pieces of the collection take me back to those times.

pepe jeans
pepe jeans

How would you describe your personal style? 
D: Oooh hard one, it changes day to day. I usually go with whatever I feel comfortable in and accessorise lots. I don’t think I could define my style because it really depends on what I’m doing and where I’m going but I like simple, well-made clothes with a slight edge to them- I mix both vintage and new items most of the time. 
S: Being from London, the city is constantly changing and this reflects in my style. There is a bit of grunge, a bit of prep, a little chic and I’ll never shy away from a tracksuit.
What’s important to you when you’re choosing your clothes or choosing where to shop? Are there particular things you look for? 
D: The quality is very important and just picturing myself in the item and whether it is something I could both style and feel comfortable in. 
S: Quality over quantity. I really believe in buying pieces that will last for years on end and that carry memories. I always think about what I could pass down to my children down the line.

What was your favourite part about working with Pepe Jeans? 
D: Just the overall kindness of everyone on set. Everyone was excited about the campaign and the products and it was so lovely to be a part of that. We all had a lot of fun.
S: How enthusiastic the team were, I felt so comfortable and it was easy to be myself with them.

Did you have a favourite piece that you wore while shooting? 
D: I liked most of what I got to wear and my favourite item keeps changing because its hard to pick but I was drawn to the Barbara Jacquard sweater. It felt so cosy and stylish, it’s just something I’d see myself wearing for autumn and winter. I can just picture myself sitting by a fire, under a blanket reading. I love it. 
S: The tartan dress that I wore in the back of the taxi shot!

Now seeing the finished project put together, how does it make you feel? What have you taken from it? 
D: So excited! It’s so fun when you see the day in the final images and video and see it around London! 
S: I couldn’t wait for the campaign to come out, it makes me so proud to be a part of a brand with such a legacy. It makes me want to continue embracing my city roots.

And finally, what’s next for you both?
D: I’ve just finished shooting a movie! It’s my first one so that’s very exciting and I’m about to go to Crete to shoot another! And then I have been doing brand deals and shoots alongside that! I’m feeling very grateful. 
S: Fashion week first, I’m heading to Paris after Milan and finally back home in London in October. I’m excited to wind down for a few days before getting back to working on some passion projects and exciting collaborations.

pepe jeans
pepe jeans

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