The English singer-songwriter talks his latest track “Small Town Queen”.

Chris De Sarandy

Photography by Jonathan Lichtenberg

Chris De Sarandy
Photography by Jonathan Lichtenberg

Chris De Sarandy cooked up his latest single “Small Town Queen” in sunnier climates than the small-town boy from South-West England is perhaps used to. He was on a trip to Spain with producer friend Marcus Brosch, enjoying languid days spent dining out, strolling along the beach, and playing Police classic “Walking On The Moon” on repeat – Brosch was a big fan of the track. These blissful components were amalgamated into latest single “Small Town Queen”, an optimistic love story about trading the easy, but dull life you’re accustomed to, for a daring adventure into the world, and everything that transition would entail.

In the track, De Sarandy contemplated the notion that small-town life is not what living is really about. However, such a move leaves himself and his love interest at an intersection as the decision to start afresh in a new place promises to compromise the relationship, full stop. “Having a relationship in a small town is easy,” Chris states. “It’s harder to leave because you’re afraid of losing the other person when they change.”

But if skyscrapers and bustling streets are what the heart desires then it’s surely an opportunity one can’t forgo. De Sarandy certainly doesn’t look set to be short of travelling opportunities as his guitar-led, candid synth-pop continues to take flight. Signed to Berlin independent company Embassy of Music, the 25-year-old’s intricately crafted stories are primed for the ears of listeners the world over.

Head below to read our chat about small-town childhood, the inspiration behind “Small-Town Queen”, and what world-famous songwriter he would love to hop in the studio with…

Hey Chris, how are you? Where are we speaking to you from?
Hi there! I’m great, thanks. Live and direct from London

You describe yourself as a “smalltown boy with a big man’s voice”! Talk to us about your upbringing! How has it informed your musical sensibilities?
I grew up in Surrey in a small village, near a small town and had quite an ordinary upbringing. Played sports and learnt instruments, went to school locally and found my passion for creating music

You used to play in an indie band! What is the biggest lesson you learnt whilst in the band?
Always be friendly to people. Especially those who help achieve your dream

Let’s talk “Small Town Queen”. Is the track written about a specific person? What inspired the track?
“Small Town Queen” was written about someone who I was falling for who wanted more in life than being in this small town and having this thing with me. Everyone occasionally asks themselves if they are happy where they are, whether that’s life, location or love. And I think at times, especially in new relationships it can be tough to balance these to please everyone.

How do you want listeners to feel when they listen to the track? Is there a certain emotion you are trying to evoke?
It’s funny because I actually want people to feel as if they can go and do anything. If they grew up in a small town, they can move to a big city or vice versa. I love the freedom life can bring you, however, emotionally it’s tough at times. Especially when you fall in love and you realise it may not work out.

If you could collaborate with one other artist, who would it be and why?
It would be Finneas. I think his songwriting and production is what every artist dreams of being capable of. I have been obsessed with Trevor Daniel’s song “Past Life” which he co-wrote and produced.

Tell us one fact about yourself that we wouldn’t find out in a press release!
I have ADHD which means it can be hard at times to stay focused on one song as I end up trying to make four tracks at the same time, ha!

What is next for you? What are you most looking forward to from the rest of the year?
My next single, “How to Say Goodbye” is out on the 14th of October, which I’m super excited about! Up to now the first three singles together tell an evolution of a modern-day love story and “How to Say Goodbye” is often how it can end. Well at least for me!


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