The DJ and producer unveils the music video for his brand new track.

bad colours
bad colours

Building an intensity that makes us anticipate a chest-pounding beat drop that instead beckons a light and airy instrumental, “Maybe I Should Move to LA” is a breezy sonic soundscape that perfectly encapsulates Bad Colours’ addictively different approach to tune-crafting. Keeping production stripped-back and simple while the subtle instrumental teases our eardrums, the tempo of the melody mirrors the sentiments behind its lyricism: to step back, have fun and embrace life.

Directed by Slick Jackson, the accompanying music video for “Maybe I Should Move to LA” is just as hypnotic as its lo-fi soundtrack, capturing inhibition-free scenes of a couple attempting to escape the mundanity of life by frequenting the beaches of New York City. As the couple goes from slumming it on subways to surfing the sea, Bad Colours affirms that serenity can be found anywhere — and an escape doesn’t always require uprooting your entire life and moving somewhere new.

Though tinged with an incessant beat that encourages heads to bop and hips to sway, Bad Colours subverts his listener’s expectations at every corner of the single, leaving us willingly at his whim with every stream. To access the single, click here. To pre-save the album, click here. Alternatively, to experience Bad Colours for yourself now, head below…