The DJ/producer and Disciples member talks going it alone.


As one third of British production trio Disciples, Luke Mac, now known as SAINT, has been at the heart of some of the biggest dance tracks the world’s seen in the last decade. From ubiquitous Calvin Harris collaboration “How Deep Is Your Love”, to irrepressible earworms like “On My Mind”, the group amassed over a billion combined streams and two billion Youtube views, plus became an almost permanent fixture on international radio. However, “When you’re in a group, fans don’t really care about the individual” SAINT tells us below. “Unless you’re in One Direction. Now I get to show people exactly the part I played in Disciples when I give you my music.”

And that he looks set to do, starting with debut solo single “Poison”, a bass-led track that captures you from the moment the first beat boisterously hurtles in. The track’s haunting top-line adds another dimension, however, combining groove with mystique, for instant captivation.

Head below to read our catch up with SAINT about entering this new period of his career, why Calvin Harris is an “alien”, debut track “Poison” and navigating friendships in the music industry…

Hey SAINT, how are you doing? Where are we speaking to you from?
Just off a flight from Spain and back in London. Summer is officially over and I’m about to get into my studio.

Let’s start with your new solo project, for which you go by the name SAINT! Where does this name originate from? 

There’s two places the name originates from. With being in the group Disciples, I thought it would be cool to keep a running theme. Plus, I get a kick out of saying the name to people and them replying like, “You ain’t no saint” lol.

As you mentioned, you previously performed as part of famed UK trio Disciples! How has it been making the transition from working collaboratively to now, as a solo artist?

Half of me wants to say it was really hard and the other half wants to say it was easy. It was hard because three minds are better than one but, being by myself, I also get the freedom to just be me and not have to convince anyone that this is the right track or this is what we should DJ, etc. When you’re in a group, fans don’t really care about the individual unless you’re like One Direction. Now I get to show people exactly the part I played in Disciples when I give you my music!

Let’s also talk about your debut single, “Poison”! How are you feeling about the world hearing the tune for the first time?

When I came up with the vocal idea the whole point was that I had a word and a melody that was so catchy it just stuck with you, and the feedback I’ve received from people is saying exactly that “I can’t get this song out of my head”. I want to make timeless music that sticks with you, with a groove that’s infectious. 

Talk us through the experiences and emotions that informed this track!

I’ll start with the vocal. For this record I wanted something that was airy, haunting but also sexy, think Lana Del Rey and London Grammar. I needed a vocal that just felt like it was floating on top of a groove, that complimented every note the singer hit. I got chills when I would mute everything apart from the vocal section. I knew if I could give people the same feeling I got, it would stick with them. I wanted the bass line to speak to you so if you didn’t know the words you would sing the melody of the bass. The groove for me is one of the key elements.

Do you have any musical inspirations that you look to when creating your music?

They change all the time! For this record I grabbed inspiration from the greats who can use original vocals on dope beats and make it sound timeless. Artist like Jamie Jones. What he did with Hot Natured was a moment in history. Calvin Harris is an alien when it comes to writing a timeless record. Dennis Ferrer with records like “Hey Hey” and his remix for Fish Go Deep made me want to produce. I have to also shout out my current inspirations, acts like The Martinez Brothers and Jaden Thompson. They know how to give you a dope vocal and a groove that sticks in your head.

What is the biggest lesson you have learnt during your time spent in the music industry thus far?

Know when to make your “industry” friends your real friends. People I thought were my friends, that built me up, didn’t blink twice when trying to bring it all down (during my time in Disciples). So get your business right, ie accounting, management, label etc

What is one thing that you’d like us to know about you that we couldn’t find out on a press release?

I have two beautiful daughters that changed me. Let’s just say I was the complete opposite to my name before they came around. I love them unconditionally.

What else do you have planned for the rest of 2022? Is there more music on the horizon?

I just mixed and mastered my next record last week, and this evening I’m in the studio laying down chords to send to a singer for my third single. My team is planning a SAINT tour for 2023. Stay tuned for that!


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