The London-based powerhouse singer-songwriter kicks off Autumn with a track about new beginnings along with an energy-charged music video.


Willing us “Back To Life” with electrifying melodies and soul-shaking vocals, Nathalie Miranda unveils her brand new effort alongside a cinematic visual. Pulsing with the artist’s infectious energy, the track is charged with ‘80s-style synths that inject elements of nostalgia into a narrative about finding yourself and reclaiming your identity.

In a similar vein, the music video for “Back To Life” shows Nathalie Miranda in the midst of her element, pouring every ounce of her lyrical prowess and punching delivery into each and every frame. Enigmatic and unapologetically authentic, “Back To Life” ignites its listener’s spirits — rendering us all completely helpless to its danceable production.

Speaking further on this concept, Miranda explains, “’Back To life’ is about liberation; breaking free from all your hang ups; from all the things that have held you back; from worrying about what people will think of you. In short, it’s about breathing new life into yourself…bringing yourself back to life and being the real, authentic version of yourself. No pretence. Just the real, unfiltered you. And it’s about being proud of who you are, where you come from and where you’ve ended up. The video really reflects this, as you see me running around town, literally, trying to escape the ‘old’ me, or an old version of myself who was always worrying about what people would think of me. I was always afraid to take chances and that potentially changed the course of my life in many ways.”

To stream “Back To Life” now, head below…