From sustainable skincare to our favourite reality tv and food destinations, here’s what our team are loving this week.

Ella West – Social Media Editor

(LEFT) @sbtrctskincare (RIGHT) @dinings_sw3

@sbtrctskincare @dinings_sw3

Using: SBTRCT Skincare
Anyone even minutely close to me will be aware of one thing: no matter the circumstances, no matter the state of mind, I am without a doubt 100% committed to my skincare routine. When the room is spinning and I can just about open my eyes after a night out, you can bet every penny that I will still be performing my carefully curated three-step system. Yet, when I heard of SBTRCT – a skincare brand that is not only 100% vegan, cruelty and palm oil free, but is also zero waste and zero plastic – my routine was all about to change. Ditching plastic bottles for wooden casings and ceramic holders, SBTRCT’s gentle foaming cleansing bar and rejuvenating night balm have nestled into my go-to products at record speed — and my skin has thanked me greatly for it. Home to the first ever solid retinoid, SBTRCT is not only aesthetically pleasing but also a totally innovative trailblazer for the future of truly sustainable skincare. Ladies and gentlemen, your bathroom shelf will never look so good.

Eating: Dinings SW3
To get to my heart, there is a shortcut straight through the stomach, so it isn’t much of a surprise that some of my favourite friendships have been forged over a plate of fine delicacies. A particular location that hosted such a meet-cute was Dinings SW3 — a charming yet elegant Japanese izakaya and sushi restaurant tucked into a mews off Walton Street in Knightsbridge. Sitting in its lavish contemporary settings fit with eclectic furniture and awe-inspiring decor, I was privy to the expertly curated menu of Executive Chef and owner Masaki Sugisaki, whose unique style of sushi and sashimi completely turned my expectations of seafood on its axis. Served in the perfect palette arrangement, Dinings SW3 is kept supreme thanks to its warmth, innovation and home-like feel — just a few of the reasons why I am now converted to a regular customer.

Andrew Wright – Editorial Assistant

(LEFT) @hideousbastard (MIDDLE) The Real Housewives of Salt Late City (RIGHT) @weekdayofficial

@hideousbastard (MIDDLE) The Real Housewives of Salt Late City @weekdayofficial

Listening: Oliver Sim 
The xx singer and bassist Oliver Sim has been a constant feature on my playlist in recent months, and in anticipation of his debut solo album Hideous Bastard, plus an accompanying MUBI short film, the velvety-voiced front man has barely been off my speakers. The Jamie xx remix of “GMT”  in the latter half of last month has only heightened this consumption and with a screening and intimate live performance of the album’s tracks at Hackney’s Rio Cinema on the 12th September, I shall be making a b-line for the east-London venue to take in the brilliance in the flesh. 

Watching: The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (Trailer) 
True stans will know that being a Real Housewives… aficionado is a way of life, not just a hobby, for me dating back to circa 2012, watching repeats on ITV2 after school. Nowadays, with streaming service Hay-u providing UK viewers with a round-the-year supply of the latest happenings from our gals across the pond, having a franchise of ‘Housewives to watch at all times is a form of life support for my brain. And, with the Beverly Hills cohort entering the season’s drama-ridden second half, any oncoming withdrawals at the series’ impending finish were instantly remedied this week by the epic trailer drop from their Salt Lake City counterparts. Despite being highly averse to winter climes, watching that 3 minutes of Jen Shah-orientated carnage made me want to get a one-way ticket to the snowy mountains of Utah merely to see the drama unfold for myself. 

Wearing: WEEKDAY basics 
One way of buffering the impact of winter’s icy temperatures is to have a really solid stock of basics to chuck on for insulation. H&M Group brand Weekday has long been my go-to place for cosy hoodies, sweatpants, tees and tops, for durability, affordability, and of course,  elegant Scandi cuts. Like many of us nowadays, avoiding the trappings of fast fashion is a priority in my clothes consumption, and what I love about Weekday’s garms is that they really do last. In fact, the only reason I’ve just needed to replace one of my hoodies that I bought a few years back was because I made the bizarre decision to redecorate whilst wearing it recently. Apparently, white emulsion paint doesn’t come out in the wash?

Sophie Arundel – Intern

(LEFT) @rails (MIDDLE) @nocipasta (RIGHT) @oldspitalfieldsmarket

@rails (MIDDLE) @nocipasta @oldspitalfieldsmarket

Wearing: Rails London
If you’re anything like me, and you’re using the ever-changing weather as an excuse to buy a new wardrobe, then you may have too “accidentally on purpose” stumbled into the summer dress sale at Rails. And of course, sticking to my mantra of “you can never have too many floaty dresses” I walked out of their store on Westbourne Grove with a full shopping bag and a far less full bank account. It was in the sale though, so it doesn’t count – right? The Cali-cool brand came through this summer, allowing me to channel my Sophie from Mama Mia aesthetic with their palace blue Valeria Dress.

Eating: All of London (Especially Noci, Islington)
Any fellow Northerners reading? If so, you may be able to relate when I say I turn into the biggest restaurant tourist when I set foot in London. After bulldozing my way through as many authentic Italians as possible during my internship, I concluded that Noci in Islington was up there with one of the best. Trust me, when I haven’t been helping out at Wonderland, I’ve been eating truffle pasta.

Going: Spitafields Old Market
I know what you’re thinking. Has this girl been living under a rock? No, she’s been living in Yorkshire. You can’t blame me for my attempt to live like a Londoner when I’m down for such a short period of time. After all, it does have some of the cutest stalls and food vendors. My ultimate favourite being the Humble Crumble. A place where you can design your own crumble? Well, it wouldn’t make much sense not to go.