The pop-R&B singer and songwriter continues his run of monthly single releases, this time drafting in a verse from an American rap sensation.

Dilan Jay
Dilan Jay

The effervescent funk and soul-imbued pop of Dilan Jay’s new single “January”, sees the established songwriter further his own artistic endeavour of dropping a new single each month. Starting in April with “Be Your Man Tonight”, Jay’s monthly project has seen him grace us with six buoyant tracks already, ideal for shaking off any end-of-summer blues.

With previous collaborators including Capella Grey and Black Eyed Peas producer Keith Harris, as well as songwriter Darious Coleman (Chris Brown), Jay proves his well-trained muscle in crafting pop smashes can translate seamlessly to work released under his own moniker.

“January”, sonically, the antithesis of dreary winter days, complete with alluring hooks, irresistible guitar riffs, and an anthemic chorus, is all about living freely and euphorically, with Jay’s Bruno Mars-esque delivery the ideal vessel for the required charisma. And, enhanced even further by the addition of “24” hitmaker Money Man, Jay says: ”I’m excited to work with Money Man on this feature. His hip-hop artistry that’s garnered millions of fans levels this party pop song up even more!”

Head below to hear the pair in action, right now…