The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer shares video for evocative new track.


When Colyer (Steven Colyer) got to making his debut album – Lonestardom, out now – he was determined to make it really count. “I wanted it to not only be cohesive but evoke a mood that I could then visually represent. It’s like writing the soundtrack before the movie, but without making the actual film.”

The Midwest-raised artist wanted Lonestardom to paint pictures of a story that unravelled as the production process ensued, with the tracklisting eventually being dictated by the narrative. As a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, he took a 360-degree approach to its creation, with every element featured constructed by him. It’s a diary with no subject area off limits, told through a lexicon ranging from 60s soul to 90s shoegaze.

“When it came time to create visuals for the record, there was really only a budget for one video. We chose “Weird World” because it’s truly a culmination of the central themes of the album.” The visual, which sees Colyer alone, at various moments of vulnerability and rumination, was directed by LA-based artist Nas Bogado, they “knew just how to bring it to life,” Colyer says. “They directed, edited, and designed the logos, creating the world I’d always imagined.”

Step into Colyer’s world right now, by heading below…