The Virginia-based R&B riser is learning just how complicated love can be on his new single.

Del Ro'Yale
Del Ro'Yale

Situationships are gruelling. They confuse you, command barrels of your time, and often all you end up with is a ruminating mind and oversized baggage from what was essentially just another talking stage. On the flip side, in some cases, they must lead to happily ever afters… anyone? What’s for sure is that they’re complicated, and it’s this emotional multiplex that Del Ro’Yale broods over on relatable new single “Situation”, taken from new album Risking It All: Wav., out today.

Burgeoning Virginia, Del Ro’Yale’s classicist R&B is the lexicon through which this common lovelorn tale is told. Vocals are once again his centrepiece, with Del Ro’Yale’s Usher-esque luscious tone converging with the plaintive tinge of voices like Frank Ocean and John Legend, paired with dustings of synth and percussion production.

The pared-back number is taken from his new album, also out today, Risking It All: WAV, which he credits for inspiring him to be more sexy, confident and fun. “Music is a part of me and when I listen to music It takes me to another place. I want everyone to go with the flow and ride the wave of Risking It All: Wav.. It’s a journey”.

You can listen to the stunning “Situation” below, right now…