The duo unveil their compelling new track, hacked from their debut album.

atlas bird
atlas bird

Building an intensified soundscape with the help of stratospheric vocals and chest-pounding instrumentals, Atlas Bird immerses us within their spellbinding artistry that sings to the ears and scratches at the soul. With Martin Schröder-Zabel on vocals and guitar and Axel Kunz on drums and keys, the duo come together to create a formidable force of compelling melodies that can be felt through every inch of your body.

Playing into its backing track, an almost ritualistic choreography ensues within the accompanying music video — showing figures who are desperately attempting to connect to themselves without inhibition or fear. Making for an almost otherworldly effort, “ONYX” feels at once surreal, authentic and overwhelmingly powerful — a tone that is felt throughout Atlas Bird’s entire album.

To stream the music video for “ONYX” now, head below…