The Australian family trio employ tentative beats and tambourines to create their inspiring new single.

little quirks
little quirks

Whilst many families fantasise about the glamour that comes with forming a band, few have managed to make it a reality quite like Little Quirks. In fact, ingraining their dreams into the real world is a trope that conjures the charm of their brand new single, “Maybelle” — a track about letting loose, breaking free and digging deep into your desires. An intimate look into the trio’s own captivating experiences, “Maybelle” is charged with hope and motivation, leaving listeners compelled to enter the day with a new-found spirit and lust for life. With tentative beats blended with a chest-pounding drum, Little Quirks speak to their namesake with their 90s-meets-Westernised style of soundscape — carving a lane that is entirely their own.

Elaborating further on the track, Abbey Toole muses, “‘Maybelle’ is a story of a woman with a wild mind and imagination. She travels town to town, sharing stories of her adventures. Over time, the news spreads and she becomes the legend of Maybelle. I wanted to write a song that would draw audiences to dance and get excited! I wrote it while stomping my feet around the house and clapping to the beat. This one was especially fun to record as we got everyone involved in the recording in a big room to stomp, clap and chant. ‘Maybelle’ is fun and energetic, our favourite song to play live. We can’t wait for everyone to finally hear it!”

Released alongside a dynamic music video, “Maybelle” is the dosage of serotonin we needed to get us through until Friday. To stream the track and music video now, head below…