The sports brand unveil a new campaign to grant pitch access to women, girls and non-binary players during the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022.

While society continues to make leaps and bounds to achieve a harmonious and more inclusive community, it cannot be denied that the boundaries imposed by gender stereotypes can very much be felt amongst women and non-binary people. Most potent in sport, research has proven that women, girls and non-binary players find themselves excluded from football due to the lack of pitch space and infrastructure offered to them. So what does a company like adidas have to say about this? Their answer: Pitch, Please.

Announcing their new campaign, adidas have dedicated pitch space for women, girls and non-binary players throughout the duration of the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022. In an attempt to make the project as accessible as possible, the sports giant have introduced a WhatsApp booking service, giving everyone a chance to access the space they deserve to do what they love with little to no effort. With large pitches available at Hagerstown School every Saturday and Sunday during the tournament for 5-, 7- and 9-a-side football games, a further pitch is also available with adidas partner Fulham FC at their Motspur Park training facility.

Speaking on the campaign, General Manager & SVP, adidas Northern Europe, Kathryn Swarbrick, says, “Throughout UEFA Women’s EURO 2022™, thousands of women, girls, and non-binary people will be watching their heroes and will be inspired to play, but the significant lack of pitch access is a huge barrier in making this a reality. This is a real challenge, and one we must collectively combat to make sure a generational opportunity to welcome women, girls, and non-binary people into the sport is not lost. We’re so proud to be providing a dedicated space for our communities to play, so they can concentrate on what they enjoy doing most – playing football.”

Offering over 100 hours worth of playtime throughout the tournament, adidas not only sheds a light on the disparity between men and women in sport — but also makes profound steps towards rectifying it.

For more information, head to adidas.co.uk now.