Alexandre Mattiussi unveils his new collection, Coeur Sacré, at the Montmartre in Paris.

As the sun began to set on a warm Parisian skyline last night, AMI’s Menswear and Womenswear SS23 Show finally began. Deriving its name, Coeur Sacré, from the basilica overlooking Paris atop the Butte Montmartre, the collection is the ultimate embodiment of Parisian spirit. Championing versatility and experimentation, a streetwear-meets-prep-school aesthetic pulses through every look. With boxy suits, tailored silhouettes and earthy-yet-summery colour palettes cascading the softly-lit runway, Alexandre Mattiussi’s vision came to life at the outdoor show in Montmartre — bringing AMI’s artistic vision full circle.

“Of all the neighborhoods of Paris, Montmartre holds the most special place in my heart. Everywhere I have lived in Paris, I could always get a glimpse of the Sacré Cœur from my windows. Montmartre is a concentration of the city’s spirit, of its candour and energy, of its intertwined bourgeois and bohemian identities. There is a retro atmosphere like nowhere else in the capital: it is vivacious and delightfully cheeky, it perfectly echoes the values of AMI, it celebrates love and friendship, inclusion and diversity. This is the reason why I named AMI’s Spring-Summer 23 collection ‘Coeur Sacré’. It is an homage to the artists I admire, who have also been inspired by Montmartre, and to the great diversity of people who, every day, perpetuate this unique Parisian vibe,” imparts Alexandre Mattiussi, the Founder and Creative Director of AMI.

While the setting proved just as awe-inspiring as the collections design, AMI once again adopts a minimalist approach to its fashion shows — demonstrating how their thought-out creations speak loudly for themselves. And, finishing the show with the entire runway illuminated in their signature red colouring, it is safe to say AMI’s presence was felt far beyond the scenic views of Paris.

To explore the full collection, head to amiparis.com now…