Christian Dior Parfums partners with Sheldon Edwards to celebrate their grooming line.

From their spellbinding features and campaigns to their unbeatable products, we cannot get enough of Christian Dior. And whilst we often relate the French fashion house to the quintessential Christian Dior Parfums capsule, there is another name proving itself to be a quintessential member of the Dior lineage: Dior Sauvage Grooming.

Partnering with celebrity groomer Sheldon Edwards, Christian Dior Parfums celebrates the success of Dior Sauvage Grooming: a four-piece collection comprised of shaving gel, shower gel, an after-shave balm and a face and beard moisturiser. Boasting clean formulas and natural ingredients, the range marks a turn for the Dior Sauvage line — and has already been met with wide acclaim since its launch earlier this year.

To celebrate his new collaboration, Sheldon Edwards – hailed as the “unofficial groomer of the English football team” – sat with us to discuss his favourite products of the collection, his most coveted beauty tips and his plans for the rest of 2022…

Hi Sheldon! How are you? Where are we speaking to you from right now?
I’m really well thank you! It’s a very exciting day for me today as I am I’m currently at the ‘Dior Sauvage Grooming Suite’ where I’ve been working with Parfums Christian Dior to support the Dior Sauvage Grooming Collection.

Let’s start at the beginning, when did you first start getting into grooming? What sparked your interest in it?
‘Cutting’ as I call it has in a way always been in me! Growing up in Jamaica, I spent most of my childhood in my grandfather’s barbershop. I actually started grooming my friends at school, when I was around 10 years old. Of course, this was not allowed! We would sneakily hide at the back of class or in the canteen.

Congratulations on your partnership with Christian Dior Parfums! How does it feel to work with such an iconic brand? 
Thank you, I’m so happy to be working with Christian Dior. As you say, it’s an iconic brand and I have been a fan of the Sauvage fragrance for a long time, so I was very excited to discover the Sauvage Grooming range when it launched earlier this year. Myself and my clients have an expectation to leave my chair always ‘feeling good and smelling good’ and also for the products I use on them to perform, which is something the Dior Sauvage Collection delivers on.

Talk to us about the Dior Sauvage Grooming line! What can we expect from it?
Growing up in Jamaica, I was brought up using natural products, it’s in our culture there. So I’m definitely drawn to the Dior Sauvage Grooming Collection because of the natural formulas. The collection is made up of 96% natural ingredients. The star ingredient for me is the Cactus extract in the Dior Sauvage Shaving Gel. I highly recommend it to my clients to avoid irritation after shaving.

Do you have a favourite product from the collection?
I’m not blessed with a lot of hair on my face unlike my clients who have great beards such as Antonio Rudiger! I shave little but often, so the Dior Sauvage Shaving Balm give my skin instant hydration and soothing effect.

What is your holy grail beauty tip? Maybe it is a tip that you yourself swear by?
Make sure you thoroughly cleanse your face before you start shaving. Skin needs to be clean and prepped before you cut sharp lines. To shave, I swear by the Dior Sauvage Shaving Gel because it doesn’t foam. Using a foaming gel is messy and stops me from seeing the lines I’m trying to create. It allows for a clean cut but also keeps skin cool and hydrated. I always finish a grooming appointment with a spray of Dior Sauvage Elixir which I love!

Tell us about your journey, how did you come to work with your clients?
My first high-profile client was Mousa Dembélé, he was playing for Fulham at the time and he invited me to the Euros with the Belgian National team. He believed in me and my skill and introduced me to new clients who started taking me with them to the countries they played in for years to come.

What are some of your favourite products to use on your celebrity clients when working together?
I like to us talc on my clients. I believe I was one of the first people to start using talc for haircuts. I use it around the hairline so I can create sharp lines. To achieve those high definition cuts I use really sharp tools, so the talc is an important part of the grooming routine to ensure a perfect finish. And of course, I also love using great products such as the Dior Sauvage Grooming Collection. As my clients say, I help them ‘look good, feel good, play good’!

Aside from the exciting work detailed above, what is next for you in 2022?
The world is my oyster! I’m looking forward to expanding my brand and team into new areas and have some exciting partnerships coming up. I will continue doing what I love, grooming my clients and players and keep moving forward and upwards!

Dior Sauvage Grooming Collection
Sheldon Edwards for Parfums Christian Dior

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