The LA-based artist unveils his latest track and chats with us about his journey into music so far.

“I am more than just a one night stand,” asserts Kevin George in his hotly dropped track, “LOST MY MIND”. Offering a refreshing perspective of a sex-only relationship where the male counterpart is craving something deeper, George’s latest track is crammed with deep reverbs and a pulsing beat — creating an intensity that leads you to a satisfying drop with an addictively frustrating storyline. While twinkling synths pique your interest at every bar, George’s velvety vocals reassert his own self worth while continuing to obsess over something he can’t have — turning the tables all the way around on himself.

“I had so much fun making “LOST MY MIND” it captures a very specific moment in my life with this really powerful woman… she’s super fresh, has her own money, takes care of herself & keeps our relationship solely sexual. Sometimes you want a deeper emotional connection to the person you’re hooking up with & usually the tables are turned. The guy is the one playing with the girls head. This one gave me a taste of my own medicine for sure. She drives me mad hence the title of the track,” says the artist.

To celebrate the release of the track, we spoke with Kevin George about his experience making the single, his inspirations and what is next to come. For the full interview, scroll below…

Hey Kevin, How are you? How has this past year been? 
Hey. The past year has been really dope. It’s been a great learning experience partnering with Guin Records & starting my own imprint through them. I get a chance to see how they run their team and it’s really inspired me & since I’ve evolved in many ways beyond music. 

You’re from Connecticut, do you think your hometown has impacted your sound? 
I think the internet has impacted my sound more than anything. There is no crazy influential music culture in Connecticut, yet. A lot of talented kids are coming out of Connecticut right now though. We’re all just a product of the internet and what we individually consume. It’s such a diverse place. CT has had a big impact on who I am which naturally has impacted my sound. I’m really able to adapt.

And during the pandemic, did your creativity get affected? 
I think so, because of so many different things. I’ve never not been able to create but I was going through a lot. just coming off of unsuccessful record deals & team members stepping down away from my corner. feeling like I let everyone down, losing all my money and going into debt. It felt like I lost everything during the pandemic. It was comforting to know that I wasn’t alone in such a crazy time, but it was mentally one of the toughest things for me to get through. It was big for my ego and evolution as an artist and businessman. If it weren’t for my friends I wouldn’t have made it at that time. I needed to go through that to get to where I am now and we just got back on the upward trend which is beautiful. 

Now you’re dropping your new single “Lost My Mind”, what was the production process like? 
My good friend Andre Denim started the music for “Lost In My Mind” in Canada then he sent me over a pack of music. The main sounds were in that pack and basically took what he did.. sped it up, chopped it up..  and then I added drums & bass then arranged everything to my liking. 

And it’s all about empowerment and getting a deeper connection, what made you focus on this? 
The lyrics to this song came pretty naturally.. Women are the ultimate muse for me and I make the songs I want to hear. this song is for the women out there who are strong, who have the utmost love and respect for themselves, confidence in themselves & really won’t bend or fold for any man. it’s all about her right now & she’s focused. I know a few women like that today so I just wanted to make a song that tells that from my lens. 

What do you hope people take away from your music? 
I’m gonna be doing this for a long time, I just want people to know that & feel that when they hear my music. like “wow this is an artist to pay attention to” he’s going places

Who inspires you? 
My peers inspire me, my mom inspires me, my dad. They specifically always taught me to believe in myself & that’s why I’m so sure now. I’m so confident, I’m so sure. I’m one of the best recording artists in music. I’ve got one of the biggest personalities, I’m done hiding it. It’s evident to me, my family/friends & the world will catch on whenever god says so. 

Who would you love to collaborate with?
I want to work with Travis Scott.. I’m putting that out there now. He’s honestly one of the greatest ever. I got to see him from his first mixtape with Epic Records to now.. the consistency & greatness is inspiring, nonetheless. I want to shadow him & watch the process.. see how he puts together the music. I’ve learned so much from peers like him, Abel, Kanye, Drake, Tyler. I also want to work with Jay-Z.. I have a beat I’m saving for him exclusively lol hopefully I get a chance to play it for him one day. 

What is next for you? What are you most excited for? 
What’s next for me is CHiLDLiKE & continuing down GLORY ROAD.. I’m on a fresh path, I’m a brand new artist & I’m building my own world. It’s so much more clear today than it ever was. The first 3 years were just development. From here on, I take my career to insane levels. In order to change me and my family’s life forever. A new song & video every two weeks for the rest of the year.. a year long rollout. By the end it will be one big 24 song project called “GLORY ROAD”. It’s ballsy but it’s what I’ve always wanted to do. So grateful for the opportunity too. 


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