The content creator talks more about her story and 
how she’s built her platform.

Salice Rose
Salice Rose

Salice Rose is the Latinx content creator who has become famous for her iconic comedic videos
on Tiktok and Instagram. She first started posting videos about ten years ago as a way to speak
her mind during a dark time where she felt unheard and has been sharing content ever since.
Social media has provided Rose with a home and her very own chosen family of followers who
show her endless support.

Working 365 days a year to provide new and entertaining content for her 40 million social
media followers, Salice Rose is dedicated to staying consistent when it comes to her social media
posts because she’s aware of the impact it has on many. For Salice Rose, using her humor and
creating videos is an outlet that allows healing and inspiration. That is the very reason that fans
flock to her videos as a source of comedy and joy.

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Salice Rose and talk more about her story and
how she’s built her platform:

Salice Rose
Salice Rose
Salice Rose
Salice Rose

You’ve managed to turn your humor into an entire career, can you tell us how it’s been to do
When I started social media, I was in a very bad place in my life. I was in an abusive 
relationship and that’s when Instagram was starting to pop off. I was trying to find an outlet, a
 hobby to make myself happy since I was in such a dark place at the time. I started posting video s
here and there randomly. I never did it for the money or the fame, I did it because it was an
outlet for me. In a blink of an eye, without even trying, I built an empire on my own.

Do you remember the very first video you recorded and uploaded?
I made a video and was talking about haters, I basically flipped off the camera and I don’t
 remember what exactly I said. But that video got 90 comments, some were negative people
telling me to stick to taking selfies. I had one of two options, I could either let this defeat me and 
listen to the public or I could keep on making videos because it was a lot of fuel and I thought
‘one day you’re going to learn to love me even if you hate me because you’re going to relate to
one of my videos.’ So I went with the second option and to this day, I have not regretted that. It
all goes to show you’ve got to listen to yourself and not the public.

Tell us how being a “shadow sibling” has influenced you in your life as a creator?
It was such a painful but beautiful thing now that I think about it. I’m 27 now and I’m like
let’s think about it Salice – if I put it into perspective, if I never felt like I wasn’t good enough as a
 kid if I didn’t get compared to, if I didn’t feel like complete shit, who would I be today? I
wouldn’t be Salice Rose. What would I talk about? I would have nothing to talk about because
with all due respect, I would be entitled like other people who’ve gotten attention. I wouldn’t have a story to tell, I wouldn’t have pain to describe, pain to turn into power, I wouldn’t be able
to help people.

There have been many times where fans tell you how much you’ve helped them, how do these
interactions make you feel?
It means everything to me. There’s no other way to put it other than, every time it happens to
me it reminds me that I’m doing the right thing, that I’m on the right path. Through the good
days and the bad days — we all go through ups and downs. I tend to self-sabotage a lot and I feel
like I’m never doing enough for myself. Contrary to what I preach to other people, I’m never
really proud of myself. I feel like I can always be doing more and better. I’m my best friend and
 worst critic so when things like that actually happen to me, whether it’s a parent, a fan, people
crying, or just being happy to see me, it redirects me on the right track and reminds me I’m
doing good. It’s a reminder to keep on doing what I’m doing even if I don’t see results everyday,
 what I’m doing is still making a difference.

What message do you have for your over 40 million social media followers?
As cliche as this is going to sound, don’t give up. I’ve been in a lot of situations in my life
where I wanted to end my life. At that time, I thought it was the only way out of the struggles,
out of the trauma, what kept me going was not giving up. No matter how hard it might get, how 
defeated you might feel, no matter if you feel like you’re in a ring and just keep getting punch 
over and over with no fight back. There is a fight, do not give up because the moment you’re
about to give up, I guarantee it’s going to be the moment you’re about to make it. Always be 
consistent, be who you are, never give up. Follow your dreams, chase them. You can be giving up
on something so beautiful but you can’t see it right now because your vision is so cloudy from
 what you’re going through.

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