The Tembisa-born artist collaborates with Nobuhle to create his latest summer anthem.


In tow with an infectious rhythm and hip-swaying melody, Shimza’s latest track “Higher” instantly catapults you onto a sunny seafront, where you can dance along to its stratospheric beats with warm sand at your feet. Calling upon islandic synthesizers and ear-worming snare drums, the effort exudes the feel-good energy of summer — instantly getting listeners moving upon its very first listen.

Featuring Nobuhle, the duo incorporates breezy Shakira-esque vocals with technical prowess — lending the perfect stage for Shimza’s expert song selection and intricate mixing abilities.

Hypnotic, groovy and vibrant, “Higher” places Shimza as one of the top curators of our summer-ready playlists. To stream the track now, head below…