The Scotland-born artist chats with us about his forthcoming EP and releases a brand new music video.

Marking himself as one of the most dynamic artists to watch in 2022, Dylan Fraser drops the music video for his latest track, “Apartment Complex on the Eastside”. Teasing the release of his forthcoming EP, “2030 Revolution”, the charming track is just as catchy as it is deliciously pessimistic. Blending bedroom pop with alternative sensibilities, “Apartment Complex on the Eastside” is an introspective exploration of adulthood and the struggles that it poses, which Dylan finally concludes “won’t matter anyway” in the grand scheme of things.

During the captivating visual, the 20-year-old artist is seen amidst a pile of rubbish while delivering his angelic vocals — representing the dichotomy between the track’s uplifting beat and its defeatist message. Proving his ability to tell stories within every avenue of his artistry, “2030 Revolution” will do much of the same — calling into focus modern-day issues and the need to address them.

In lieu of the upcoming EP, we sat with Dylan Fraser to discuss his latest work and what we can expect from “2030 Revolution”.

To stream the video and for the full interview, head below…

Hey Dylan, how are you doing? Where are you right now?
I’m doing good. I’m in LA right now working on some new music.

So, you are from Scotland! Do you think your time spent there has influenced your sound at all?
Definitely. I didn’t have too many friends growing up, so I ended up spending a lot of time in my room and on the internet, which helped me discover so many of the artists/creatives that I love now. I think it gave me that space to write songs and create.

And, when was the first moment that you realised that music was a career you wanted to pursue?
I knew since I was three years old. That sounds super cliche but I just always was drawn to music and I knew it was what I wanted to do.

Now you have the “2030 Revolution” EP on the way! First of all, can you talk us through the project’s name? What made you name the project this?
I wanted to call the project “2030 Revolution” because there’s a lot of noise right now and there has been for the past couple years. It’s been crazy for us all. I remember seeing a headline that said “scientists say if we don’t change our ways by 2030 there’s no going back” and that’s just fucking terrifying. Even though the EP isn’t about climate change, there are definitely parts of it that are commenting on the state of society and the world we’re in.

What was the production process like for the project? How did you go about creating it?
I started making this project in 2021 and it wasn’t really planned or anything. I later got back in the studio again and had fun with it, to be honest. It was a really weird process because I wasn’t sure what it was I was creating but then somehow it all came together.

Do you have a favourite track from the EP?
It’s so hard to pick haha. I love them all but right now I’d say “It Took a Lot To Get To This”. It was so fun to make this one with my friends, Jonah & Rob. I’ve genuinely never had so much fun in the studio before; we just messed around and put crazy sounds in until we found the right ones.

Who would be your dream person to collaborate with?
This changes all the time but right now I’d love to collaborate with Patti Smith. I just read her book, Just Kids, and have now fallen in love with her music. I’d love to just meet her and pick her brain on things.

I know that you also supported Holly Humberstone on the live scene recently! What was that experience like? Do you have a favourite memory from that time?
It was so fun. Holly is the best. It was fun to do a more stripped back set for this tour – everyone at the shows was so nice and warm too. My favourite memory was after the Nottingham show when we all went out, did karaoke and drank way too much.

What is next for you? Are there any projects that you are keen to start on this year?
I’m working on new music right now. I’m excited to do some shows/festivals this year and to collaborate with new creatives/artists. I’m super inspired by collaboration at the moment and I’m really into combining ideas.


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