Here are the best beauty trends that we are trying at the moment.


IG: @donni.davy

IG: @donni.davy

If we are being perfectly honest, we often justify the hours and hours we spend scrolling through TikTok by claiming it is research for the best products, hacks and trends of the beauty world. Luckily, however, this isn’t a far stretch from the truth — as we have found some of our favourite products and tips through this act. From Pamela Anderson brows to Euphoria-set-worthy makeup, scroll below to see the viral hacks which have made their way into our every day routines…

No baking powder allowed on the set of Euphoria

@mualesandro #greenscreen Euphoria makeup products! Also how are you feeling about season two finale? #euphoria #euphoriaseason2 #alexademie #maddyperez #euphoriamakeup #makeup Euphoria Funfair (feat. Gustave Rudman) – Labrinth

Season two of Euphoria may well have come to an end, but the legacy of the series’ makeup looks live on. And even though it was the graphic eye looks and outlandish manicures that sparked the most interest, we couldn’t help but wonder what gives every actor that perfect, no flash-back poreless skin. According to the diligent beauty researchers of TikTok, the trick is to banish your baking powder in favour of Nanoblur: a cream which acts as a setting powder, but also blurs the appearance of pores. And yes, we are bulk-buying the product as we speak.

The 80s are back

@sarahnewsfx I couldn’t decide which version I like best so you guys can decide instead ib: @Isabelle. @Holly Murray Makeup #wheniwasyourage #pov Don't You (Forget About Me) – Simple Minds

In one of the most satisfying beauty trends of all time, the 80s aesthetic is officially making a comeback, and we are 100% obsessed. While using the “old” filter to mimic the future, makeup lovers are dusting off their neon palettes to serve vibrant club-scene throwback looks. Though 21 was definitely the era of 70s hair, it would appear 22 is all about what was acceptable in the 80s.

Tight tops

@yourfavouritevirgo20 Ahh I love it #outfitideas #diy #cutouttop #upcycle #tighttop #fashion #pinterestoutfit #upcycledfashion

One trend that enlarges both our wardrobes and our wallets is the rise of “thneeds” – clothing which can be manipulated to be worn many ways. This quickly birthed a hack which transforms a pair of tights into statement cut-out looks seen from the likes of Poster Girl and Mugler. Using just a pair of scissors, TikTok users worldwide are snipping holes and shapes into tights to make the perfect distressed mesh tops for a night out. A word of warning, however, it usually takes a fair few tries.

The Pamela Anderson effect

@mia.dson i tried #90sbrows #pamelaanderson I look like YES and ya look like NO – σηιкανσσ∂σσ | onikavoodoo

Since the first promo for Pam & Tommy hit our screens, we knew it was only a matter of time before people started to recreate the icons quintessential look. And as the episodes began to roll out of Disney+, TikTok released its very own Pamela Anderson filter — giving everyone the Lily James makeover without the hours of prosthetics. The result, you may wonder? The return of the 90s plucked brow. But if you are still haunted by your caterpillar brows of the past, there are plenty of hacks to achieve the look without reaching for a pair of tweezers. Thank God.

DIY freckles

@sydneypurl Testing faux freckles #fakefreckles #frecklestutorial #freckleshack #fauxfreckles #lorealrootspray Get Into It (Yuh) – Doja Cat

TikTok filters really are the cause of all of our insecurities, it would seem, as men and women everywhere are now on the hunt for the perfect way to achieve the filtered freckle look IRL. While some are turning to henna and tattoos, others have found a bottle of root spray does the trick —without the risk of any skin diseases. Lightly pressing the nozzle, the sparse specks of liquid form the perfect irregular pattern of freckles. And as they contain dye, they will last you all day long.

The perfect wash-day bun


my dirty hair but make it cute look

Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) – Edison Lighthouse

The chokehold Matilda Djerf’s hair holds on our generation is something which should never be disputed. So when the influencer posted her latest hair hack, we came with a notepad and pen. Fastening greasy hair into a pony, she ties her hair lightly into knots to create the ideal messy bun whilst still looking put together. Finishing the look with Y2K-style clips, we have no doubt this is the hairstyle that will define the summer of 22.


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