The 19-year-old artist discusses the reception of her latest release, “Mr Valentine” and what we can expect in the future.


It has officially been a month since the infamous 14th of Feb, and yet the hype behind Yaz’s “Mr Valentine” has lost no momentum since its release. Having garnered an impressive following on TikTok, the rising artist began to explore her sound, releasing a snippet of the track which would soon turn viral. With a fast-paced beat which evokes all the fun and excitement of having a new crush, Yaz uses her honey-suckled vocals to sing about her new beau, and the elation that comes with reciprocated love.

The track’s accompanying lyric video, which pays homage to the TikTok users who spread Yaz’s sound far and wide, is a perfect encapsulation of “Mr Valentine”s charm. It is inclusive, light-hearted, and feels like the songs you sing when hanging with your best friends. On the making of the track, Yaz explains, “The inspiration behind Mr Valentine comes from my boyfriend. When I first came across the beat, it reminded me of the day we first met and the universal excitement of having a crush on someone. Funnily enough, his middle name is Valentine.”

While Yaz sets her sights on some exciting new projects, we spoke with the 19-year-old about the reception of “Mr Valentine”, and her hopes for the near and far future.

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Hi Yaz! The response to your debut single “Mr. Valentine” has been amazing, especially on TikTok. Were you expecting this?
Hi! Honestly, no. I’m so so blessed to have such a caring and interactive audience before releasing anything, but still their support and the response from new people has been overwhelming for sure.

As well as your music, you also have a lot of fans who have been following you from when you first started YouTube which must be really cool. Do you feel any pressures because of social media?
I think if I spend too much time on my phone i definitely start feeling the pressures of keeping up with social media and knowing what’s relevant and whatever. But truly, there are so many up-sides to having a social platform. If it’s used in moderation and for the right reasons, it’s cool.

What first sparked your interest in music? And when did you first realise you could start taking your own music seriously?
It sounds so generic but music has been a huge part of my life ever since I can remember. There was never a time music wasn’t being played at home and I’ve sung my whole life. I’ve played instruments since about 6 and started writing at around 13. It’s become the way I express myself and process situations – I don’t really know what I’d do without it. My dream was always to pursue music as a career and so when I started taking youtube more seriously, creating a foundation for that was always at the back of my mind.

“Mr. Valentine” is a romantic and upbeat R&B-infused bop. What can we expect to be incorporated in your next release?
Hmmmmmm… Expect something fun and upbeat! Like “Mr Valentine” with a hint of r&b pop! Some feel good music!

The music video for the track seems so authentic, and it looks like you really enjoyed yourself! What made you choose Paris as the location for your first music video?
I really did! My boyfriend and I had booked to go to Paris before the song was even a topic of discussion. I initially planned to film the music video in London, but given the whole Valentine theme it just made sense to shoot in Paris! The timing of it all was a miracle to be honest. Noah and Maddy, the videographer and makeup artist, came along with us and it ended up being a really fun time that I’ll never forget.

You’ve accomplished so much in the past couple of years and you’re only 19, what do you hope to achieve next?
Thank you! I just wanna make music that’s all. And work on myself and my understanding of the world.

What would you say your biggest challenge has been so far?
The hardest time for me was when i had to move out of my family home when i was 14 because of some complications. I lived with my friend for a year and it wasn’t a bad experience – I’m just a very homesick person and it wasn’t really my choice. That or my first heartbreak for sure. I’m not even just saying it but music was the only thing that got me through that shit! Writing became essential to my mental health and it really forced a lot of emotion out of me that I probably would have held onto.

Looking ahead, are there any artists you would love to collaborate with in the future?
100%. The first person that comes to mind is Victoria Monet and someone that rhymes with Bariana Brande. That would be a dream. (Touch wood.)

Finally, what is your favourite song right now?
I’ve been loving Muni Long’s “hours and hours” tune. And I found a singer called Hailey Knox recently and I’m obsessed. Anything Hailey Knox, she’s great.


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