The versatile artist chats with us about how she found herself, and how it translates within her music.


If you were lucky enough to grow up in the era of Step Up, then prepare to be catapulted back into your youthful days as Queen Millz releases “Body & Shape” along with a dynamic music video. Boasting high-energy throughout, “Body & Shape” is filled with upfront drill snares while Queen Millz spits powerful bars through freshly glossed lips. Encapsulating the powerful self-assurance of the song, the music video sees multiple groups of freestylers and break-dancers who mimic the tracks punch with their clean-cut movements.

Speaking on the track, the East Midlands rap artist explains, “‘Body & Shape’ is a song to encourage body positivity and all-around confidence within yourself. Talking about how the mandem love me because I’m at the top of my game and I’m so comfortable being myself. The video is a hard-hitting, grunge, old-school vibe. It’s crazy how we can have a dingy location, then if we add lights, smoke and dancers, we watch the whole thing come to life. The video references ‘Stomp The Yard’ and ‘21 Seconds’ by So Solid.”

Another sample of the artist’s unapologetic attitude towards tune-crafting, Queen Millz is quite literally taking the crown within the world of rap, trap and R&B. Before she claims the title for good, we sat with the rapper to get her advice on finding that hidden key to confidence.

To stream the new track and for the full interview, scroll below…

Hey! How are you today?
I’m great thanks

Your music incorporates some hard-hitting lyrics, tell us a bit about your songwriting process.
I write best when I’m in the studio with a producer, if the beat speaks to me, lyrics come to me all at once and if I don’t write them down I tend to forget them, so I write quickly and then record, then add some adlibs and harmonies to really make the tune pop.

What were you like growing up? And how has that made you the person you are today, musically or otherwise?
Growing up I was a naughty yout, I didn’t get on with the teachers at school, was kicked out of numerous classes, but always wanted to express myself. I chilled with the wrong crowds, got into trouble with the police but it’s all played a major part in making me who I am today. I’m more relaxed, less angry, I want to learn more.

Who would you say is your biggest musical inspiration?
I’d probably say Chris Brown and his ability to produce hit after hit, his performance skills and drive to keep pushing inspires me.

How old were you when you started making music? And how far have you come since then?
I wrote my first ever lyric when I was about 9 years old, my dad used to use it as discipline. I was grounded when I got kicked out of school and I had to make songs about how to improve in the future. Everything I’ve done since I was a kid has prepared me for what I have always known is destined for me.

What is one piece of advice you would give to other young people trying to make it in the music industry right now?
Use your social media! Push your content and love yourself and you will succeed. Believe in your sauce. But stay humble. It’s not all about the money; it’s about how you build your foundations.

Being an admirably confident individual, is performing something that is important to your music right now?
Yes! Performing has to be my favourite part about doing music. I love to see the crowd’s response to me, and I’m always looking for ways to improve myself.

You’ve released quite a few singles now, is there an album or EP that might be in the works?
I’m dropping my mixtape in spring.

Finally, what’s in store for you for 2022? Can we expect any collaborations with other UK artists?
World domination. I’m tryna branch out.


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