The Hackney-native singer encourages women to own their sexuality in her sex-positive EP.


There is never a day when we aren’t craving a heavy dosage of female empowerment, and AMARIA BB came to serve with the release of her sex-positive EP “What’s Done In The Dark”. Ironic of its title, the six-track playlist encourages women to step into the light — owning their sexuality and priding promiscuity in the process. But it’s not just the sassy lyrics which promote AMARIA BB’s mission to shatter misogynistic barriers, it is also the sensual soundscape which the Hackney-native artist builds — with sexual femininity oozing from every bar.

Dispelling the notion that a woman’s fantasies should be confined to her dreams, “Secrets” celebrates a woman who can dictate exactly what she wants, while “Cheaters” flips the narrative that women must always be minimised to victims of heartbreak.

Calling on 90s R&B, reggae and dance hall influences, the EP is at once the perfect breakup companion, a pool-side party and a roofless road trip with your girlfriends. To celebrate the release, we sat down with AMARIA BB to discuss her ideals, and what she sees herself doing next.

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