The alt-pop artist takes us through a day in her life whilst contemplating the joys of universal love in the music video for her newest release.


All week long, we chase that Friday feeling. And while many of us are currently basking in that as we speak, artist Amorie is here to build on it with her new track, “Goddess”. With harmonious backing vocals layering underneath the artist’s syrupy tone, listeners will instantly be lulled into a warm-toned and calming trance – a feeling arguably perfect for a Friday morning. And, while impressive in vocal tone, thanks to the masterful work of Amorie’s production partner, Patrick Perez, the track becomes all the more enchanting.

“Patrick started the beat some time ago, and I always loved it and wanted it to be a part of our project, but it didn’t feel right to actually write to it until quite recently,” explains Amorie when discussing the new track. “I think I grew up seeing a lot of broken, stressed, forced relationships and echoed this in my own life. During the past few years, I’ve gotten to better understand myself in a way that has allowed me to relax into relationships and show a deeper vulnerability that lends itself to the kind of calm love ‘Goddess’ is about. I’ve also found this love in more relationships – not just monogamous partners but also girlfriends and platonic friendships. These relationships can be just as filling and beautiful when they’re rooted in that sense of mutual growth.”

Accompanying the track is a music video, joyously reflective of this uplifting messaging. With self-love standing as the key to maintaining healthy relationships with others, viewers are welcome to enjoy a day in the life of Amorie, as she casually sips orange juice in a grey slip, frolics down peers and browses through vintage records – the perfect self-care weekend inspiration, right? With the artist channelling pure joy, heart and love into the track, it is safe to say that it is the only feel-good anthem you should be listening to today.

Head below to listen to “Goddess”…