Ahead of Valentine’s Day, fall into the artist’s dreamy pop realm with her new melancholic love song.

Grace Joyner
Grace Joyner

With the most romantic day of the year only a mere few days away, it was only right that we sent you into the weekend with the sounds of a love-drenched new track. Giving us a dose of heavenly vocals and soul-baring lyricism, dream pop singer, Grace Joyner drops “Lovers Do”. Upon first listen, a melancholy wave is sure to wash over you, as sombre instrumentation and stripped-back production hope to have you believe that this is nothing more than an infectiously sorrowful cut.

But, with this track actually hoping to focus on the wonders of love, an optimistic tone had to prevail. Underneath the plod of moody piano keys, the contrasting hiss of a high hat and jazzy sensibilities start to trickle in, alluding to the track’s beautiful core message.

“‘Lovers do’ is a song about possibilities. In my experience, there are connections I have found where the possibility of love is apparent, but the relationship will never materialise for whatever reason,” explains Grace. “The repetitive melody and juxtaposition of the instrumentation are meant as a reflection of the state of these types of relationships. The possibility of them exists in limbo somewhere in the ether.”

Head below to listen to “Lovers Do”…