Central Cee, Aitch and ArrDee feature in our weekly music round-up.

Central Cee
Central Cee

Central Cee – “Cold Shoulder”

What better way to start this week’s Wonderlist than with the latest cut from superstar on the rise, Central Cee? With the west London-hailing rapper giving his fans their third insight into his highly-anticipated mixtape, “23”, track “Cold Shoulders” is yet another stellar example of his skilled introspective penmanship and unbothered attitude. With an intimate black and white music video taking us through a day in his life also featuring, it is safe to say that Central Cee has managed to outdo himself yet again.

ArrDee x Aitch – “War”

One British rapper just wasn’t enough, so we are bringing you two more in the form of ArrDee and Aitch’s collaborative tune, “War”. Boasting all of the things the pair are known for, such as their cheeky personas and rapid bars along with some slick jazz notes, the tune stands as a shining example of the talent currently being born out of the UK’s rap scene. And, nothing screams rap hit like a music video littered with flashy 4x4s, balaclavas and soldiers, right? With seasoned director Gabriella Kingsley called on to help bring the track’s visuals to life, it becomes all the more impressive. More Aitch and ArrDee link-ups, please.

Hope Tala – Party Sickness

Every Wonderlist needs a bit of variety, so with this in mind, we present you with Hope Tala’s “Party Sickness”. With a narrative steeped in the notion of letting loose and having fun, Tala uses her unique vocals to call all of the party people to action. And with the hedonistic scenes of a party playing out in the track’s music video, it is fair to say that the rapidly rising artist has got us in the mood to head out this weekend.

Raveena ft Vince Staples – “Secret”

Another pair of talents joining forces for what is already sounding like a smash are the likes of Raveena and Vince Staples on their sensual cut, “Secret”. With R&B sensibilities running rife, we are once again invited to bask in the New York-hailing artist’s divine tone, beautifully met by the now-infamous sound of Staples’ rap flow. Turning to her South Asian heritage to inform the trippy visuals that accompany the track, Raveena continues to carve out a unique spot for herself in the music industry, with effortless flair, we might add.

Sam Tompkins – “hero”

If you are in search of a relaxing Friday evening after a hectic week, you need to stick on Sam Tompkins’ “hero”. An acoustic cut that has been stripped back to its core, the gentle hum of the guitar and subtle production work together to form a serene soundscape in which listeners are invited to get lost in, all of which allow Sam’s emotion-evoking vocals to take centre stage. And while the sound of the track is enough to draw a few tears from listeners, its music video –  in which the artist steps into an older version of himself in homage to the man that inspired the new cut –  is sure to have you weeping.

Nia Archives – “Luv Like”

Detailing the deeply personal story of her struggles with body dysmorphia, Nia Archives gets candid on her newest track “Luv Like”. With her soulful tone laying over a chaotic beat, riddled with nods to the indie genre, we are not only offered a chance to delve into the depths of the artist’s most intimate struggles, but we are invited to do so whilst getting lost in her ethereal sound.

When discussing the track, Nia explains, “Although at first listen, this track sounds like a typical love song. For me, when creating it I was writing about my personal struggle with body dysmorphia. Throughout the track I am pondering how someone could love someone through their highs and lows, loving freely flaws n all. I am also talking about learning to accept love whilst ultimately dealing with a warped perception of self and distorted self-image.”

PENDANT – “Thorn”

Bringing a surge of energy to this week’s Wonderlist is PENDANT with the irresistibly manic tune, “Thorn”. Standing as a Brockhampton or Slowthai-esque cut, an experimental edge presents itself as we are invited to rave as the sounds of 90s house and hip hop meet as if kismet. Thanks for bringing the party, PENDANT.

Lucianne – “More”

Rounding off this week’s Wonderlist is the sumptuous sounds of Lucianne’s “More”. After dominating Nollywood, the multi-faceted artist has turned her attention to the world of afro-R&B, starting with this rhythmic cut sure to have you winding your hips along to its infectious beat. Standing as a first taste of the artist’s upcoming EP “Becoming”, it is fair to say that we can expect big things from her this year.

C3 Boogie – “WDYM”

If the sounds of drill are what you are after, up and comer, C3 Boogie, has dropped the perfect tune for you. “WDYM” provides high-energy from the get-go as we are offered a taste of the rappers unique tone, sure to command the attention of anyone lucky enough to hear it, and an enthralling narrative – all of which are enhanced by a trippy music video that accompanies. With the talent standing at just 18 years old, it becomes clear that he is a force to be reckoned with, and we cannot wait to see what he will do next.

Lights – “Salt and Vinegar”

Ushered in by the twang of an electric guitar, Lights’ “Salt and Vinegar“ is the attitude-filled track necessary to kickstart any day. With warped production contributing to the track’s whirl of chaotic sound, listeners will be instantly consumed by it, only to be confronted by the juxtaposing sounds of the artist’s syrupy vocals. And, in a bid to make the release all the more captivating, fans of Lights are able to see her in action as she serenades us in the song’s vibrant and bumblebee yellow-tinged music video.