The duo push the boundaries on their experimental sound with their debut mixtape.


When it comes to music, there are no limits and art-pop duo BIG KILL are proving this with their debut mixtape “BIG KILL FUTURE”. Filled with sumptuous productions and artistic layering, the duo takes us through a plethora of experimental tracks that are perfect for either for the dancefloor or those quiet study moments. From the edgy “standing in a crowded room” to the oscillating bass line of “SAAB 900”, the duo touch on every genre for their electric project and hold nothing back.

Known for their “destructive pop” sound, the duo consisting of Cayne McKenzie and Andrew Huculiak have built themselves up from their warehouse in Vancouver and developed their sound with a range of producers.

Speaking on their sound Huculiak said, “In our present, BIG KILL is the antithesis of toxic masculinity and fear of self-expression. We’d like to present a healthy male friendship that’s deep and playful and vulnerable as an example for other people like us. And hopefully, those not like us will find amusement and power in the exploration. In a world of identity groupings, it feels good to be frank with where we see ourselves and what our experience is, not telling any story but ours, with as little regard as possible to the social consequence.”

Check out the project below!