TikTok users share the latest and greatest hacks within the beauty industry.

beauty Tok
beauty Tok

Can we borrow a pencil?

@hollyauna Reply to @souljahgrill what should i use to curl my hair next!? #hollyaunahair #pencilcurls #noheatcurls #longhair Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

If there is one thing we are collectively leaving in 2021, it’s our overly damaging heated curlers. Unfortunately for the many who could not get their hands on a Dyson Airwrap, this means a lot of frizzy and untamed hairstyles are a daily occurrence. Saving the day, Beauty Tok has boomed with inventive new ways to achieve those wand-curled locks — from dressing gown belts, to a pack of HB pencils. With dampened hair tightly wrapped around pencils, you can create these fabulous corkscrew curls — all you have to do is pop down to your local WHSmiths.

Get wavy

@laurenwolfe Trying out heatless wavers from amazon! #heatlesshair #heatlesshairstyle #haircare #amazonfinds2021 original sound – Lauren Wolfe

We aren’t sure what’s more uncomfortable, sitting around with these heatless wavers on your head or being seen in them. Nonetheless, the result is definitely worth it. Offering an alternative look with yet another heatless curling method, the chinese-finger-trap style curlers have been booming across the internet, gracing heads with the perfect beach wave. It might look even crazier than a chandelier of pencils hanging from your head, but anything that can get overly bleached hair styled without killing it will absolutely get in our baskets.

Bake before your base

@goldenbeauty_xo Makeup Hack Of The Day #makeuphacks #makeuphack #beautytips #fyp #foryoupage #makeuptipstiktok #beautyhack original sound – Jarida

With the last semi-lockdown only just lifting, it also means we can finally tuck back into our makeup bags. But when I went to do my makeup for the first time in a while last weekend, I almost completely forgot the correct order of my routine. Thankfully, this appears to be beauty’s best kept secret for achieving a flawless and increasable base. According to the hack fanatics, baking is the perfect next step after applying moisturiser, which lends a smooth canvas for setting spray, followed by primer and then foundation. With everyone heading back into their offices, this hack came at the perfect time to ensure our beats are carried well through the day and into the night.

Banish the beauty blender

@mualesandro We’ve been applying our foundation wrong this whole time!! #makeup #beauty #makeuptips #beautytips #makeuphacks original sound – Alessandro

One debate that can divide an entire friendship group is whether you apply foundation with a beauty blender or a brush. For years beauty moguls have been rinsing beauty blenders under a tap to dab pigment into the skin for a perfect dewy finish. As always, however, scientific fact has come to end the argument: water and silicone-based foundation do not mix. Though using a dry beauty blender feels like bashing a stress ball into your face, MUA’s are now showing off the unmatched effects of using a foundation brush, which lays the product onto the skin without breaking down any particles. BRB, going to go and gloat to my friends.

These eye bags are Chanel

@rose.friederike DIY Eye Mask IG: rose.friederike #beautydiy #eyemasks #beautymask #darkcircles #beautytips #naturalbeauty #cucumbers Chill Day – LAKEY INSPIRED

Nothing exposes just how much fun you had at the weekend quite like your eyes. With it being Monday morning, it’s safe to say the bags are heavy. With a cucumber and a pack of cotton pads, this hack shows you how to get a salon treatment at home. Soaking cotton in grated cucumber, they make for the perfect antioxidant masks — for a fraction of the price.

Crying with hooded eyelids

@glamwithsuzan 2021 eye makeup hacks you must try #makeup #viralmakeup #makeuphacks #fyp #beautytips #makeuptrend #my2021 Spongebob Tomfoolery – Dante9k Remix – David Snell

If you are a member of the hooded eyelid gang, you’ve probably already kissed goodbye any chance of creating a cut-crease. Apparently, the solution was always there, as makeup artists demonstrate how to achieve the perfect outline for a crease using nothing but some concealer and an eyelash curler. In seconds, the perfect halo is laid to fill in, and will suit any lid type. Not only that, but this clip shows us how to inject even more fun into our lid looks — with tricks on blending, as well as keeping all the drama in your eyelashes.


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