Bloodshed blockbusters, irresistible reality and modern dystopia: See the trailers which have us hiding behind hands and clutching tissues in this week’s movie round-up

too hot to handle
too hot to handle

Vikings: Valhalla

Blood-drenched faces, gut-wrenching monologues and the tearing down of London Bridge can only mean one thing: a spinoff sequel series of Vikings: Valhalla is on its way to Netflix. Packed with the brute violence and determination synonymous with the Vikings, the teaser trailers holds nothing back as it depicts the imminent punishment England face for challenging the invading warriors. The new series, set 100 years on from its predecessor Vikings, will explore a new age for the Vikings, whilst the English struggle to keep hold of the reigns of their own country. Premiering on Friday the 25th of February, the eight-episode season has certainly not been created with the faint-hearted in mind.

The Tinder Swindler

If blood and battles aren’t your thing, you might want to swipe right for a crime documentary on social networking’s worst villain: The Tinder Swindler. The feature-length picture will follow the stories of three women who found themselves head-over-heels for their online beau, who after lavish trips in private jets and five-star hotels would come to request $140,000 for his safety. Now with their own safety hanging in the balance, the victims unite for the ultimate payback. It’s giving Catfish-on-steroids vibes, and we are already hooked. With the release penned for the 2nd of February, The Tinder Swindler will serve as the perfect cautionary tale for those panicking swipes on dating sites leading up to Valentines.

All Of Us Are Dead

If the end of Squid Game left a gaping terror-filled hole in your heart, Netflix might have just released a filler. A new Korean zombie thriller All Of Us Are Dead will be heading to our screens by the end of the month, a mass slasher picture that attacks the premise that “humanity has never defeated a virus”. After a lab mouse inflicts a bite on the finger of a young female student, a high school become rampant with a frenzy-filled virus, turning it’s hosts into fear-driven murderous zombies. Starring Squid Game stars Lee Yoo-mi, Yoon Chan-young, Park Ji-hoo, Park Solomon and Yoo In-soo, the production promises to be infectious in every sense of the word.

Too Hot To Handle: season two

Craving a dosage of guilty-pleasure reality? Your favourite above the sheets dating show is back for a third season— and just in case you can’t remember the rules: no kissing, no heavy-petting and no sex of any kind is allowed. Lana’s sultry voiceover is officially trickling back through our speakers, keeping up her reputation as Too Hot To Handle‘s favourite buzzkill for the hot and steamy. Doubling the total prize fund, $200,000 now hangs in the balance, while the wildest batch of single’s yet attempt to resist natural urges in the pursuit for real love. Oh, and did we mention it’s available to stream right now?


With 4 day work-week trials currently being held throughout the country, society is as hungry as ever to achieve the ultimate work/life balance. Taking more extreme measures, Adam Scott leads Apple TV+’s new series Severance, where his character Mark Scout voluntarily undergoes a procedure which separates the memories of his work with the memories of his personal life. Now impossible to recollect details of the alternative sides of his life, Mark experiences the joys of an unburdened social life as well as an uninterrupted work-flow. But with this new found mental state, the true nature of both his work and his life are exposed and scrutinised — making for both a gripping production as well as a serious commentary on modern-day struggles. With the first two episodes due for release in the evening of the 18th of February, we can’t wait to finish work to start binging.

The Fallout


If its recent releases are anything to go by, HBO Max hasn’t missed with bringing hard-hitting Gen-Z defining productions. Releasing the official trailer for The Fallout just last night, it appears the award-winning feature debut from director Megan Park will be no different. With You’s Jenna Ortega already doing the absolute most, starring in Scream and upcoming Texan porn horror X, she steps into the shoes of a school-shooting survivor alongside Dance Moms alumni Maddie Ziegler. As they deal with the traumatic aftermath of a tragedy, the characters come to terms with the fragility of life and loss which so often is hidden from youth. With the two minute trailer already having us clutching at our tissue boxes, we are mentally preparing for the release of the film on January 27th.


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