Adele takes us through Eden in a spell-binding video for the fifth track of new album, 30


Not a single person has walked the earth without hearing the sultry sounds of Adele’s latest album, 30. Complete with 12 tracks jam-packed with hypnotic hooks and velvet -smooth vocals, it was the chart-topping track “Oh My God” which held it’s own — offering a totally fresh but welcomed vibe. Having already listened to the hit on loop while staring dramatically from our train carriage windows, it’s safe to say we have been on the edge of our aisle seats to see how the accompanying visual will turn out. Finally, the artist has released the first music video of her fourth studio album — and we dare to say it’s even more intoxicating than it’s soundtrack.

From the same video director that brought us the visuals for “Rolling In The Deep”, Sam Brown delves into the very crux of the track from the off: giving way to inhibition and surrendering to the sinful euphoria of love. A notorious symbol of temptation, the video begins with an apple sat on a bare-bone chair. As the clips melt into one another, we are treated with not one visual of Adele, but many, as she is seen almost singing to herself whilst lost in her lyrics.

The monochrome filtered video widens its frame to a cast of contemporary dancers and acrobats, all performing the song through lucid movement. Having set the chair on fire by the end of the video, Adele waves goodbye to the stringent ties of her past self. As the track fades into an orchestra, Adele finally takes a bite of the apple, and is finally still. If you need us, we’ll be in our feels.

To watch the video, head below…