The rapper talks starring in JD’s Christmas advert and taking over the music scene ten times more in the new year as the sports-fashion retail company celebrates the release of its campaign.

ArrDee x JD performing
ArrDee x JD performing

While Christmas brings with it many wonderful things, one thing that we look forward to the most is the adverts. And, our favourite one to drop so far this year? Welcoming us to JD Street, the sports-fashion retail company has unveiled its festive feel-good campaign, which features 19-year-old rapper ArrDee starring alongside the likes of Aitch and Maya Jama.

Having been shot to the helm of the rap game this year with his warmly-received hit, “Flowers”, and his now-viral feature on Tion Wayne’s “Body”, it was only fair that the brand turned to the Brighton-born star on the rise when releasing their campaign, named Welcome to JD Street. When discussing the fictional location that he visits in the advert, ArrDee described it as “a madhouse” before going on to explain that, “there are loads of familiar faces, there is a lot of craziness going on, but it’s lit.”

ArrDee x JD performing
ArrDee x JD
ArrDee x JD performing
ArrDee x JD

Taking to East London’s Village Underground, the rapper put on a stellar performance alongside his fellow advert star, Central Cee, as well as Young T and Bugsey as attendees were offered a chance to customise their creps while wings and drinks flowed freely, culminating in a vibe that perfectly matched that of JD’s most recent campaign.

Taking a moment at the East London-bound event, the rapper spoke to Wonderland about how his status as a Puma Ambassador perfectly matches his personal brand, his memories of time spent outside of Brighton’s JD with his friends and what we can expect from the brand’s new campaign. Head below to enjoy our interview with ArrDee…

How have you been? How has the year been for you?
I’m sure you already know, but yeah, mad busy. It has been live, jumpy – literally non stop.

Have there been any hard parts?
Well, obviously, none of it comes easy. It is one thing to get to the top, but it is ten times harder to stay there. But, we’re working, man. I have just been enjoying it, to be honest with you.

If you could sum it up in one word, maybe?
Litty 4 Realli.

Has there been a favourite moment of yours over the last year?
There have been loads of highlights, bruv! Obviously, being in the JD advert was a sick one!

Yeah, I was going to jump onto that. What has it been like collaborating with JD?
It is sick. When I was younger that was the link-up spot in Brighton, outside of the Churchill Square JD.

What did you do?!
In Churchill Square, we used to just run around and do little ASBO things! We were just kids.

ArrDee x JD performing on stage
ArrDee x JD performing rapping to crowd
ArrDee x JD performing on stage
ArrDee x JD performing rapping to crowd

You are also collaborating with JD as a Puma ambassador! What about the brand resonates with you?
I think the brand is one that correlates with my brand the most. How I talk, present myself.

And, the advert is called Welcome to JD Street. Could you describe JD Street to us?
Obviously, there are loads of familiar faces, there is a lot of craziness going on, but it is lit.

And, it is obviously a Christmas advert! What about Christmas are you most looking forward to this year?
Just some family time, it’s my brother’s birthday on Christmas day so we will turn up.

Back to music, who is the dream collaborator?
To be honest, I get asked this question frequently, but I don’t like to call things dreams. Calling something a dream makes it seem like it is unachievable. But, Young Adz is cold, and I would definitely like to work with him. Potter – I have been speaking with Potter about getting in the lab; he is a mad talented artist. There are loads of people man, I want to explore different sounds and not just stick to the sound we have been doing at the moment.

When people hear your music, what do you what them to feel? Is there anything you want them to take away from it?
Don’t take everything so seriously, you know. Sometimes, just enjoy life and be yourself.

And, what are you looking forward to next year? Do you have any exciting plans?
I am looking forward to my tour; it will be mental. We have a lot going on next year, we have projects on the way.

Lastly, is there anything you want people to know about you?
Just know I am here for the music.


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