Shawn Mendes drops his heartbreak anthem and SZA, Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi bring the vibes in this week’s music round-up.

Shawn Mendes Wonderland black and white

Taken from our Summer 21 issue

Shawn Mendes Wonderland black and white
Taken from our Summer 21 issue

Shawn Mendes – “It’ll Be Okay”

First up this week is Shawn Mendes with what can be best described as the ultimate heartbreak anthem, “It’ll Be Okay”. Following on from the shock split between him and fellow singer Camila Cabello, the internet speculated over how the pair were dealing with their situation, and in true pop star style, Shawn decided to pen a truly emotional track. Featuring stripped-back production and the trickle of piano keys, a sombre tone prevails as Shawn lays his soul bare for the world to witness. And, with sweet sentiments that hint towards the remaining love between the pair, it becomes clear the track is a touching ode to his previous relationship. We hope you are ok, Shawn.

SZA – “I Hate U”

Now, the track that you have all been waiting for. Having taken over the entirety of TikTok following on from its SoundCloud release, SZA’s “I Hate U” is finally available to stream. Featuring the star’s unmatched vocals and that all-too-well-known ‘fuck you’ attitude, the full version of the bop is everything we could have wanted and more. So, to all of our haters, if you wondered if we hate you, WE DO!

Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi – “Just Look Up”

No movie’s soundtrack has been quite as anticipated as that of the star-studded Don’t Look Up. And, that is because two of its front-runners, the incomparable Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi, to be exact, have teamed up for the soon-to-be-hit “Just Look Up”. With Ari’s angelic tone meeting Cudi’s unparalleled lyrical flow in perfect unison, the song becomes one of collaborative mastery. And, while we weren’t expecting such a mellow cut, it is fair to say that it has only added to our anticipation surrounding the upcoming film.

Nathan Evans – “Driving Home For Christmas”

Your favourite Christmas tune just got an upgrade, thanks to Nathan Evans. Dropping his rendition of Chris Rea’s “Driving Home For Christmas”, Evans infuses the timeless classic with synth-laden and infectiously rhythmic production, transporting it straight into the depths of 2021’s musical world. And, to make things all the more festive, the artist also serves up a slice of pure joy with the release of the track’s music video, which sees him and friends enjoying a music session whilst perched around a log fire as well as frolicking through a snowy forest.

Nqobilé – “SNM”

Bringing the heat to this week’s Wonderlist is rapper Nqobilé with her undeniably sexy track “SNM”. Unapologetic at its core, the song features a bare yet instrument-heavy bass which allows the rapper’s brazen lyricism and enchanting tone to reign supreme as she offers her listeners a truly empowering narrative. And, ensuring that bondage has its moment this week, a leather-clad and bound Nqobilé puts on a sensual display in the track’s music video.

Charli Taft – “Sentimental”

If you are looking for your weekly dose of feel-good energy, Charli Taft has got you. Dropping her uplifting tune “Sentimental”, the artist reflects on her inability to get over a guy all the while serving up an infectious pop bop that showcases her Ariana Grande-esque vocal range, sure to have you smashing that repeat button.

Ben Marc – “Give Me Time”

Dropping pure vibes this week is Ben Marc with the warm-sounding cut, “Give Me Time”. Sure to render you spellbound upon first listen, the track’s backing is what strikes the listener most as jazz’s influences present themselves as the producer and multi-instrumentalist’s affinity for blending sounds becomes apparent. Also featuring the haunting vocals of Judi Jackson, the track situates itself as one of the best to drop this week.

TINK – “Might Let You”

The weekend is in currency in full effect for us right now and Tink and Davido are providing the perfect vibes. Dropping her new single “Might Let You” this week, the artist puts her sugary sweet vocals on full display, showcasing a different vibe to her usual rap capability. Tying the single to together with Davido’s signature hip-hop finesse and vibe, the two are putting in all the work and showed out for this week’s Wonderlist.

Vera Blue – “Temper”

Coming us at full throttle this week with her retro-tinged single is Vera Blue with “Temper”. Riding a bouncy pop production laced with a driving bassline and ear-worming electric guitar, the artist angelically rides the melody, leading us into a sweet ecstasy. Need something to belt out this weekend, this is the perfect song for you!

Kings Elliot – “Chaos in My Court”

Making a debut project isn’t easy, but making it look effortless is Kings Elliot with “Chaos in My Court”. Introducing us sombre slow-burning sound, the artist intimately brings us into her inner most personal thoughts, using warming guitar strings and crooning vocals. Sitting in the same lane as Billie Eilish we think 2022 is going to be a huge year for the star.


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