Wearing Calvin Klein, Euphoria‘s latest star covers our Winter 21 Issue.

“When you really have to get into it it’s kind of dark. The character is very much me, so I actually have to dip into memories from the past and bring them up in order to reciprocate the energy that the scene requires. That’s kind of difficult because it hits close to home.”

Fike’s more aloof than a lot of celebrities. He hasn’t given into industry pressures to churn out TikToks and he releases music on his own terms. It’s not that his Instagram is cagey, but it hardly gives off the transparency that allows you to see clearly into his everyday life. Despite this, Fike has worked with the likes of Justin Bieber and The Beatles’ Paul McCartney, and he tells me Finneas said only the other day that his album is standing the test of time. Now, he’s set to dominate our screens in Euphoria‘s hotly awaited Season Two, in which the musician and actor plays a cameo-like version of himself.

Covering our Winter 2021 issue, Dominic Fike talks landing a role in HBO’s cult show Euphoria, performing stunts with co-stars Zendaya and Hunter Schaefer, and becoming one of Calvin Klein’s newest faces.

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