Young T & Bugsey, Aiyana-Lee and Jimi Jules bring the noise in this week’s music round-up.

Young T & Bugsey
Young T & Bugsey

TCTS and Chameleon Lime Whoopiepie – “Rich Girl”

Kicking off this week’s Wonderlist is perhaps our most unexpected collaboration of the week. Inspired by a newfound love for Japanese culture after a trip to Tokyo, UK house mogul TCTS partnered with the enigmatic and utterly addictive Japanese artist Chameleon Lime Whoopiepie. Not only did this bridge the gap between UK House and their self-confessed negative pop genre – demolishing logistic and language barriers in its wake. But it also provided us with a totally unique soundscape to play with. If a video shot of the artist perched against a triceratops while singing the topline of the hypnotic tune isn’t enough to pique your interest, we don’t know what is.

Aiyana-Lee – “Gangster of Love”

Making sure you are never shy of the perfect backing track to play while getting ready to pick up your things from an ex is Aiyana-Lee with her latest single, “Gangster of Love”. With romantic tones reminiscent of Ariana Grande’s sultry style married with Alyana’s bold vocals and penchant for personal lyrics, the new single and it’s waltz-like rhythm has us swaying softly into the night.

Young T & Bugsey – “Roberto C” feat. Unknown T

With their latest single “Roberto C” dropping last night alongside a garden-party visual, the Young T & Bugse crash onto our playlists with a chest-rumbling base, injecting a fresh vibe to the festive season. Featuring Unknown T who brought his garnered flow and effortless cadence and production into the mix, it’s no surprise they were able to bless us with a banger to raise our hands to the weekend.

Jimi Jules – “My City’s On Fire”

We’ve all been at that stage of a night out, when the queue is too long to get another drink, and our feet hurt too much to take ourselves away from the dance floor. Sometimes, all you need is a tantalizing tune to carry you back to a climactic state… Enter Jimi Jules and his brand new single, “My City’s On Fire”. With a classic minimal production on the track and steady isolated vocals, the space allows catching hooks to grab our full attention – taking us on a euphoric journey emblazoned with arm-raising techno beats and satisfying builds. With the track serving as a teasing taster of a new era for Jules and his upcoming album X, we are officially counting down the days until the full album’s release in January 2022.

Nia Archives – “18 & Over”

It’s safe to say ravers were eating good yesterday, as Nia Archives joined the list of artists who dropped shuffle-worthy songs to end the working week early. Already making her mark within song-writing, producing and visual artistry, the 21-year-old artist took no prisoners in her single “18 & Over”. Dropping her listeners straight into an onslaught of infectious breakbeats, Nia brings all the heat with her carefully honed neo-soul vocals. The track, recorded alongside a nostalgic camcorder visual, prove the upcoming artist is a force to be reckoned with – and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Monét – “Hunnit Degrees” feat. OG Kemi

You’re only as good as your last track, and following the success of her captivating single “Just One Of Those Days”, we couldn’t wait to see what was next for singer, rapper and skillful songwriter: Monét. Yet with her latest hard-hitting drop “Hunnit Degrees”, Monét proves herself a revolutionary even by her own standards. Joining forces with London rapper OG Kemi, the artists dream-like vocals melt into buttered beats – creating a wavy soundscape which delves into female empowerment. It’s light synths and loose texture help to perpetuate the artist’s intention to promote a carefree approach to life. Speaking of the track, Monét comments, “It’s about living your life exactly how you want without caring what others think (especially men haha)”. You don’t have to tell us twice, Monét.

Humble the Great – “Gone”

Ever since our premiere of genre-bending single “Don’t Make Me Go Home Now”, we’ve kept one eye open for the artists next release and it’s for good reason. Finally, “Gone” marks the third installment of the artists cultivated R&B soundscape, creating even more momentum for his debut project BLOODSHOOT in January next year. Featuring playful production and ear-bending vocal shifts, Humble the Great helms his honeyed beats and layered harmonies to lull it’s listeners into a state of full zen.

Scorcher – “Recall” feat Akelle

No song demands to be played at full-blast with the windows-down quite like Scorcher’s latest sun-soaked single, “Recall”. Staying true to his trademark R&B style and woozy rap flow, the British Black music and entertainment figure graces the grime scene yet again with an afro infused hip-swaying beat, wrapped up with clean lyrics and tickled by symphonic synths. Released alongside a music video interspersed with the artists own recordings of police-encounters, “Recall” is just an example of how Scorcher continues to innovate music production.

Sody – “Old Flame”

One flame sure not to burn out anytime soon is Sody. Having already amassed over two million global streams in the six weeks since the release of her last single “Bitch (I said it)”, new hit single “Old Flame” offers an alternative but welcomed change to the artists upbeat tempo and playful lyrics. A light piano ballad combined with the artists raspy conversational vocals makes for the ultimate sad-girl-sunday song to end the last week of November.

Speaking of the track, Sody elaborates, “Old flame is reminiscing about your ex or those you’ve been on dates with or summer romances and wondering how they are doing now. It’s when a photo pops up on your phone from years ago and you can’t help but wonder if they still think about you even though you know your chapter with them has closed. It’s when you walk around a certain city where you always went together and secretly hope you’ll bump into them so they can see how happy you are now. I wrote it about all those thoughts you can’t say out loud!”