Hey all you cool cats and kittens, the trailer for the show’s second season is officially here.

Tiger King 2
Tiger King 2

Cast your mind back to the depths of the first lockdown. Bannan bread recipes had us all in a chokehold, and TikTok was beginning to get its first taste of world domination. And, while all of the above kept us thoroughly entertained, nothing caught the attention of the entire globe quite like Netflix’s Tiger King. And, while speculation surrounding potential spin-off shows and books have kept fans of the show somewhat fed, nothing compared to Netflix’s confirmation of Tiger King 2, a hotly anticipated follow-up docu-series for which a trailer has just dropped.

Setting in on flashes of scenes from the first season, the trailer’s ominous tone is set instantly, a feeling that only mounts as we are introduced to the narrative currently gripping the world: Joe Exotic’s incarceration. And, as the trailer plays on, the promise of the show’s second instalment attempting to tie up the array of loose ends provided by Tiger King’s finale becomes evident. From delving into the whirlwind post-Tiger King lives of the show’s cast, including Jeff Lowe, Tim Stark and Carole Baskin, to providing a commentary from a prison-bound Joe himself, season 2 promises to be as explosive as its predecessor, a tough yet highly desired achievement to meet.

So brace yourselves for more feline-fuelled drama and mysterious revelations as Tiger King 2 speeds towards release on November 17th.

Head below to watch the official Tiger King 2 trailer…