The eyewear pioneers join the NFT wave.

NFT Ray Ban
NFT Ray Ban

If you asked us two years what an NFT was, we would have stared at you blankly and assumed you were talking about an upcoming sports league. But since the pandemic, we’ve been bombarded with all things digital and engrossed ourselves in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and various brands are following suit, and that includes RAY-BAN. Launching their first-ever NFT this week, the iconic eyewear pioneers have launched their first virtual product that will bring their customers into a whole new metaverse.

Designed by famed German artist Oliver Latta, (also known as Extraweg) the unique NFT showcases the brand’s nonconformity and attitude while building upon Latta’s provocative 3D Motion Design.

Speaking on the release, the artist said, “I’m honoured to work with RAY-BAN, creators of the most iconic sunglasses in the world, to create their first-ever NFT. I’m passionate about working the aesthetic and timeless value into everything I design. Like the RAY-BAN aviators, I want to create designs that live forever with infinite style.”

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