The artist introduces this newest collaborative project Frequency by unveiling its first track.

Dario Lessing x Stimulus
Dario Lessing x Stimulus

Nothing beats an album packed full of collaborative cuts. And, Dario Lessing knows this. Calling on an array of artists to join forces on his experimental new project, Dario looks towards the release of his 11-piece offering, Frequency.

And, what better way to welcome in the project sure to garner Dario widespread praise than by unveiling its first track, “My Place, my Home”? Ushered in by the trickle of a moody piano rendition, the track’s ominous tone is set from the get-go. And, with artist Stimulus lending his hip-hop sensibilities to the pensive project, listeners are treated to a deeply moving narrative.

With Frequency set to grace streaming platforms in February 2022, fans of Dario’s unorthodox sound can expect the likes of James Chatburn, Graham Candy, Rezar, SHAMS and Mario to join him on the collaborative project sure to have you wholly enchanted.

Listen to ” My Place, my Home” below…