The afrofusion artist has just saved your summer playlist with the release of his infectious EP “Love N Rhythmz”.

Nizzy EP cover
Nizzy EP cover

With the temperatures reaching unbearable heights this week, most of us are attempting to embrace the British summer with open arms, meaning that the summer playlists are currently on repeat. And, in a bid to ensure that your weekend listening is filled with the fresh sounds of summer, afrofusion artist Nizzy is here with his new EP “Love N Rhythmz”. As the name suggests, passion radiates out of every track and listeners will be overcome with groove as they are encouraged to dance. Boasting sparkling tracks such as “Soro” and “Best Friend”, the infectious new project is the only thing you should be listening to in this mini heatwave.

“With ‘Love n Rhythmz’, you can see the growth,” explains Nizzy when speaking on the EP. “I have also switched the vibe to a happier and more upbeat feeling. All in all, I would say this project is more Afro-centred, and it gives that spiritual feeling.”

Upon the release of his new EP, the afrofusion star sat down with Wonderland to discuss the project and the progression of his genre. Head below to check out our interview with Nizzy…

How has this past year been for you? Has it affected you creatively?
It has been a quiet but productive year. It had its advantages and disadvantages. For example, when I released the”Pillow Therapy” EP last year, I wasn’t able to follow up with gigs and appearances, but on the brighter side, I was able to spend more time with myself and tap into my creative side a bit more. I spent a lot of time in the studio recording, reading and experiencing.

How did you first get into music, what is your earliest memory?
I fell in love with music at the age of 9, and I first started trying to write music at the age of 11. Coming from an African household, my parents wanted me to be a doctor, engineer or lawyer and I used to get in trouble trying to make music. I never got any support from my family until four years ago. My older brother used to play a lot of Bob Marley and Tuface, and my dad used to play a lot of Fella Kuti, and they influenced me also to get into music.

You’re from South London, how has growing up here impacted your sound?
I would say the hunger in the streets of South London has definitely impacted my music. South London has lots of talent and lots of musicians that are doing really well, so knowing you are from South London, you just want to be among those names or that list of artists. That always pushes me to want it more and work harder every time. At the end of the day, you just have to work hard and remind yourself that you are from an area where everyone is trying to make it out of their council estate and a lot of people can relate to this.

You released your EP “Pillow Therapy” last year! What was it like releasing music during such tumultuous times?
It has been completely different. Not being able to perform or make any appearances slowed down my entire campaign, but I managed to connect with my fans more on social media and some of them on a one to one basis. I feel like I still owe my supporters and fans a concert and live performance of the record to show them my appreciation and give my thanks for their support throughout last year.

And now you’ve just dropped “Love N Rhythmz”, was your approach to this EP different to your last?
“Love N Rhythmz” is 100 percent different from “Pillow Therapy”, from the vibe and feel to the rhythm. With “Love n Rhythmz”, you can see the growth. I have also switched the vibe to a happier and more upbeat feeling. All in all, I would say this project is more Afro-centred, and it gives that spiritual feeling.

Nizzy EP cover laughing
Nizzy EP cover laughing

Talk us through your creative process while making the project?
I loved the whole process of creating this project, although it’s a bit challenging because you have to listen to lots of instruments, sit down with producers, do lots of writing and dash out lots of songs, as not all records normally make it into the final project. It’s fun and challenging at the same time. I am my own competition so I like taking that route when creating, as I only get better every time I do it. Music makes me happy so creating more music just put a lot of smiles on my face. I am already working on the next project as I speak to you now.

It’s all about good vibes and energy, what does the project mean to you?
This project means a lot to me. I recorded this during some challenging times of my life and through the pandemic. I managed to dig deep and create something happy and uplifting to give to my supporters.

Afrofusion and afrobeats have really taken off in the UK in the past few years, what is it like being a part of this wave?
It feels good to be part of this moment and to be part of the artists that are pushing the sound over here in the UK and crossing the sound. It’s been a long journey and a good experience at the same time. This is just the beginning as we are all trying to make history.

Who would you cite as your inspirations!
Bob Marley, Tuface and Fela Kuti.

What’s next for you? What are you most excited for!
I’m working on a new project which is due to drop in five months, hopefully before the end of the year. It’s something different, except a lot of big features on the project. We’re also going to be releasing more videos from the “Love n Rhythmz” EP. The team and I are putting together a ‘Nizzy and Friends’ concert for my supporters, and I’m finally hoping to get a chance to tour Europe very soon.


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