The best of British rap, TikTok anthems and anticipated album tracks: Stormzy, Dave, BIA, Nicki Minaj and Billie Eilish grace this week’s Wonderlist.

Billie Eilish

IG: @billieeilish

Billie Eilish
IG: @billieeilish

To the delight of music fans everywhere, this week has been filled to the brim with collaborative releases. From the most iconic artists in the British grime scene coming together for the party track “Clash” to Nicki Minaj joining BIA to remix TikTok anthems and Ty Dolla $ign lending his vocals to one of the most rapidly rising stars in the R&B scene, head below to check out all of the week’s best collabs along with new releases from Billie Eilish in this week’s Wonderlist…

Billie Eilish – “NDA”

Starting this week’s music round-up with a bang is Billie Eilish with another track from her forthcoming album Happier Than Ever. While synonymous with her usual ethereal work, this latest track finds elevation in the Travis Scott-esque autotune and curiosity-inducing instrumentation that features. Accompanied by a self-directed music video in which the singer can be seen embroiled in emotional torment as recklessly driven cars whirl around her, the track is yet another display of the 19-year-old’s limitless talent. We need the full album now, Billie.

Dave ft. Stormzy – “Clash”

This week, in a bid to serve up the sounds of the UK grime scene, Dave and Stormzy dropped the high-energy track “Clash”. Infectious and feel-good in nature, the two icons can be heard shouting out Jordyn Woods and their Rolex and AP collections as they bring the party to their fans. And, what would a Stormzy or Dave drop be without the feature of Louis Vuitton drip-filled visuals?

BIA ft. Nicki Minaj – “WHOLE LOTTA MONEY (Remix)”

It’s official. Nicki Minaj puts on all of her jewellery just to do to the bodega. Joining the rising star BIA for the remix of her now-infamous TikTok tune “WHOLE LOTTA MONEY”, Nicki lends her attitude-filled bars to the uber-sexy tune. And, after hearing this track, we are desperately hoping that this will be the first of many Barbia collabs.

Dynoro ft. 24kGoldn – “Monsters”

Having reached the heights of success with his previous multi-platinum releases, DJ and producer Dynoro is back with his tune “Monsters”. Accompanied by a nostalgia-fueled music video and boasting a feature from rapper 24kGoldn, the track offers deep vibrations and electrifying production as a harmonious children’s choir delivers the consuming chorus. If you weren’t already in the mood to head to the club, this track will get you there.

Maths Time Joy ft. Rich – “Cut The BS”

Calling on the New York-based artist Rich, artist Maths Time Joy is here to tell the demons of the past to “Cut The BS”. With lyrics stemming from Rich’s experience in a deeply traumatic relationship, rawness and vulnerability ooze out of every sombre note. And while melancholy in nature, the track is a must-listen.

Dwn2earth and Ty Dolla $ign – “Don’t Play With Me”

Embodying the sounds of modern R&B with his warm vocals and heartbreak-laced lyrics, artist Dwn2earth is getting us in our feels with track “Don’t Play With Me”. A stellar offering that features self-produced sounds, the Atlanta-based artist is firmly cementing himself amongst the rising stars in his genre with his latest release, which he describes as “a soundtrack to my life.” And, as if the track wasn’t captivating enough, its feature from the super vocalist Ty Dolla $ign makes it all the more special.

Olivia Lunny – “Dominoes”

Hacked from her debut and self-titled album Olivia Lunny, let the 22-year-old artist take you on a trip filled with introspective lyrics, romantic angst and shimmering rhythms on track “Dominoes”. The singer’s cloying vocals flip between heavenly harmonies and rapidly flowing monologues on the song, highlighting the young star’s range and unique take on the pop genre. With this latest release standing as her introduction into the music scene, it is evident that Olivia is one to watch closely.

Priya Ragu – “Kamali”

Offering masterfully manipulated samples and a tribute to her Sri Lankan roots, R&B and electro-pop artist Priya Ragu is continuing on with her industry domination with the release of track “Kamali”. Possessing vocals akin to Jorja Smith’s, the dance-worthy sounds that lie at the song’s foundation are not enough to distract from the emotion-inducing powers of Priya’s voice. And, that is not where the emotions stop. Accompanying the track are a set of visuals inspired by Sasha Rainbow’s short film of the same name which portrays the heart-wrenching tale of a single mother and her hopes for a brighter future for her children.

Nothing But Thieves – “Miracle, Baby”

Arctic Monkeys move over, Nothing But Thieves are here. Crashing back onto the rock scene with the announcement of their new EP “Moral Panic II”, and the release of their bold new track “Miracle, Baby”, the five-piece band are providing the all-consuming sounds and chaotic instrumentation necessary for any successful rock tune. With tracks such as “Futureproof” and “If I Were You” set to join their newly released epic anthem on July 23rd, expect big things from the band soon.


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