The singer-songwriter lives out our puppy fantasies for his latest single.


Fans of Lewis Capaldi and Troye Sivan, look no further as rising singer-songwriter Quarry is about to become your new favourite. Effortlessly weaving soft warming rhythms with a bluesy soulful persona on his latest single “Puppy Tears” the artist showcase his ability to tap into various genres on the single, while letting his immensely powerful vocals tell the story. Taken from his latest mixtape “Is This What You Call Love”, the artist serves this single as a teaser from the project, as he further dives into his versatility and vulnerability on tunes “Danced My Way Back” and “Wake Me Up”.

Discussing the project, the artist said, “It’s anger, hurt, fear, calm, acceptance, kindness, rationalisation, forgiveness, determination, bitterness, and a hundred other things that question means to me, ‘Is That What You Call Love?’”

Known for his remarkable ability to put his emotions and feelings at the forefront of his music, the artist’s debut project takes us through a plethora of both somber and upbeat productions, before landing at the compelling and acoustic-led “Wake Me Up”. Spending time with us, Quarry opens up on his ability to convey emotions music, staying creative in lockdown and what we can expect next.

Check out the video for the single below now…

Hey Ash! We are halfway through the year, how has it been for you so far?
I’ve released a load of songs that I love, met some people I’ve got a feeling will be in my life for a long time to come, written some of the best songs I’ve ever written, ticked off a lifelong dream by playing Maida Vale love for Radio 1, and connected with some of the kindest fans on the planet… So I’ve definitely had worse!

With everything that happened last year, was your creativity affected?
Speaking of worse… Yeah, I mean nothing really happened last year and that was the problem. I’m all about meeting people and making real connections with them, so being stuck behind 4 walls made it hard to feel like myself. Spending my birthday and Christmas alone in the same week was definitely a low point, but I’m feeling back on top and I’m stronger than ever! Last year only made me more determined to do what I need to do and I feel like no matter how hard it gets I’ll be ready for it now.

Talk us through your early days, what sparked your interest in music?
I used to listen to old cassette tapes in bed when I was a little kid. It felt like living someone else’s dreams, and It felt so real. It used to give me all sorts of ideas of what life could be like out there in this huge world. There’s this discovery element to finding new music that I fell in love with as well. I remember randomly finding a compilation CD that had Outkast, Blink 182, and Gorillaz on it and just being blown away! It was like damn, what else is out there that I haven’t heard yet!? Even today music has this feeling like it’s full of possibility and untapped potential. I still feel like that little kid.

Why did you choose the name Quarry?
Before I signed with Sony, I was working at a sand quarry as a cleaner. Getting up at 5am every day so I could finish work and still have the whole day to work on music. People from the village I grew up in didn’t get it, and I never had any money, but I just kept on doing my thing and never stopped believing in this feeling I always had that there was something more out there waiting for me. There’s always been that part of me that needs to get myself out there and be heard so that people can understand who I really am. I call myself Quarry because it feels right. It feels like my name, and I like it when people call me it! I’m not ashamed of where I’ve come from and I’m not afraid of where I’m going.

And you’ve just dropped your debut mixtape, talk us through the production process and your mindset going into the project?
The songs come first for me. It’s the only way. Production-wise I always want to do something that feels new and fresh, but the sounds are just there to help me feel the songs with as few barriers as possible to listening to it. If it doesn’t contribute to the ups and downs, the push and pull, or clue people in to who I am as a person then it isn’t important and it won’t make the cut. A good song needs a good production, and to be good enough it has to get me excited in some way or touch my heart in just the right place. Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot of thought, and sometimes I have to sweat over it. It’s all about a feeling. I don’t always know what that feeling is, and often I have to explore sounds until something hits me and it feels like a world starts to open up.

You spent the day with puppies for the video of “Puppy Tears”, what was that experience like?
Curious creatures crawling all over me, licking my face, and jumping all over the place with their little tails wagging double-speed. I basically had a grin on my face the entire time! But when the cameras started rolling I had to get serious. The song ‘Puppy Tears’ is about conflicting feelings so it felt right to make the video reflect that. I worked closely with the director to make sure every element of the video worked with the song, and the puppies were the magic ingredient! That’s where the idea started – what if we took a load of puppies and put them all in the same room as me?? It’s pretty much the wholesome and cute version of a Hollywood sleazeball writing a scene where they get to make out with their favorite celebrity… I can’t believe I got away with it, to be honest. Luckily it turned out brilliant and everyone’s really happy with it!!

Looking back on the project, what is one memory that sticks out to you?
It was when I’d just finished the mixtape and a couple of the songs were already out. I jumped in an uber one day and the driver was playing my song – another tick off the bucket list! I let the whole thing play out before I told him who I was, and the guy almost crashed the car turning round to get a good look! I still gave him five stars of course.

What do you want people to take away from the project?
I just hope that for everyone who listens to it that at least one of the songs lands and they feel like they know me a little bit better. I want them to put a foot into my world and get lost in it just like I used to do with all these artists that I loved growing up. If I can do that then I’ll have made a real start, but this is just the beginning.

What’s next for you? What are you most excited for?
Nobody knows what next, and that’s what I’m excited about! I can’t wait to feel uncomfortable, and feel like it’s got too big and I’m not ready for it. That’s when I’ll really show people what I can do. I want to feel the pressure and feel like every moment could make or break me. Like I could lose everything at any moment. I want to feel like I’m shredding myself on a stage and giving everything I have! That’s when I’ll do my best work.


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