Megan Thee Stallion is back to officially kick off our third annual Hot Girl Summer in this week’s Wonderlist.

Megan Thee Stallion
Megan Thee Stallion

Kylie Minogue – “Marry The Night”

We literally can’t talk about the international implications of this without crying… whoever made this happen literally deserves a Nobel Peace Prize. That is all.

Megan Thee Stallion – “Thot Shit”

It wouldn’t be a true Hot Girl Summer if Houston Hottie and reigning rap icon Megan Thee Stallion didn’t deliver a big fat banger to kick off the festivities. “Thot Shit” does exactly what it says on the tin, whether it be tying her haters to the front of a speeding garbage truck – where Meg can be seen twerking at the wheel – turning her local grocery store into a club, or even making a few nods to “WAP”. This catchy beat coupled with Meg’s killer flows is the ultimate punch-packing combination, thus kicking off our third annual Hot Girl Summer in style. Get into it besties!

Unknown T – “Wonderland (feat. M Huncho)”

We were quite literally obligated to include this track, I mean they literally wrote it about us – cheers boys! Ok, we might be exaggerating just a tad, but M Huncho does give us a lyrical shoutout on the hook, right after announcing the pair have their middle fingers up to the paigons. Mixing his slow and concise delivery with Unknown T’s speedy, spine-tingling cadences, this track is the very definition of a match made in heaven.

Grace Davies – “testosterone”

Talk about taking our breath away, Grace Davies has us feeling it all on her new single “testosterone”. Her delicate yet striking vocals soar over echoing piano keys and dreamy guitar riffs, weaving a tale of mistrust and infidelity from someone that could’ve been the one. “Sometimes you come across a song that you wish you’d written, and this is one of them,” she shares of the Lauren Aquilina-penned track. Too bloody right! Nonetheless, the two have concocted a total emotive triumph.

Kalpee & Mortimer – “Lessons”

Island-pop prodigy Kalpee has us dreaming of blood orange sunsets and tall, swaying palm trees with his latest single. Seeing as we can’t really travel anywhere, this is the perfect tropical fix for a summer that’ll, realistically, be spent in a patch of dry grass in some sweltering London park. The track’s transcendent video was shot in the jaw-droppingly beautiful hills of St Andrews, Jamaica, showing a visual representation of all the joy, positivity and talent Kalpee sees in The Caribbean.

Eden Rain – “Rent In The City”

Blink and you might just miss this star on the rise – only kidding, judging by “Rent In The City” Rain is definitely gonna be the next thing. Her latest track is a soulful rumination on life in the city, complemented by slow drum beats and plenty of heart-on-her-sleeve lyrics about the tug of war between her newfound freedom and the isolation of being a small fish in a big pond. Let’s face it, sometimes it’s pretty hard out here, so kudos to Rain for not only admitting it, but putting it to an endlessly ethereal song too.

Gavin James – “Sober”

This week’s resident heartstring tugger is Gavin James. Never in our lives have we known emotion so poignant and devastating than what he shares on “Sober”. The track is about being in love with someone who suddenly changes their mind, sobering themselves with the painstaking reality that you are not for them. “Then you’re left alone replaying the relationship in your head,” James continues. “You’re sad about it and then you sing it real loud with a piano.” Despite it all, the singer emerges with a glimmer of hope that tinges the entire track, confident there’s plenty more fish in the sea.

Ralph TV – “Superfood”

We’re utterly obsessed with the twinkly synth magic on display in Ralph TV’s latest track. “Superfood” is exactly what you’d hope to hear out of a tinny megaphone speaker if you time travelled back to a neon-lit Supermall in the mid-eighties, passing roller skating teens and women with severe shoulder-pads as you made your way to the record store – or wherever people went in the eighties. Would you believe the song was penned as a way to compare the singer’s girlfriend to a salad? We need to see more love like this in the world.

The Taylor Twins – “Lost All The Summer”

Float down a lazy river of retro splendour with The Taylor Twins this New Music Friday. Inspired by 60s-psychedelia, power-pop and glam-rock, the pair layer raucous guitars over melancholic lyrics that make us want to wreak havoc on the world, in a fun way of course. Having missed out on pretty much everything for the last year, the song ultimately implores us to make the best out of life. Best believe their words have not fallen on death ears, so if you don’t mind us, we’re about to go grab this sunny weekend by the balls and really let loose. Bring on Summer 2k21!


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