The City Girls are throwing paper, whilst Lana Del Rey does some home decorating in this week’s music playlist.

City Girls Twerkulator Wonderlist
City Girls Twerkulator Wonderlist

City Girls – “Twerkulator”

Guys, these bitches is throwing paper, now it’s time for the Twerkulator! Yes, the City Girls have FINALLY cleared a tricky sample so that this tried and tested TikTok classic is now available on all streaming platforms. We actually couldn’t be more made up for the pair of them, and figure it now might be time to learn the dance ourselves…

Lana Del Rey – “Blue Banisters”

Should you not be in a “Twerkulator” type of mood (although, why wouldn’t you be), Lana Del Rey hasn’t just delivered one Sad Girl Summer smash hit, but given us three! All have those devastating cinematic elements we’ve come to expect from the soulful singer, but something about “Blue Banisters” is a cut above the rest. Grab some tissues, add it to your ‘:(‘ playlist, and cry all those tears out chick!

Oneohtrix Point Never – “Nothing’s Special (feat. ROSALÍA)”

This striking collaborative effort has been sort of in the works since 2018, can you believe that? Since then there’s been a global pandemic, ROSALÍA has totally blown up, and OPN has been busy soundtracking the Safdie Brothers’ Uncut Gems and Good Time. In all seriousness, we reckon this duo are better than bread and butter, providing a sonic mix of effortlessly captivating melodies with twinges of soft haunting magic – something you could never just pull out of the toaster.


Phwoar! We never knew how much dark pop we were missing from our lives until CHAII’s cavernous synths and murky beats kicked it’s way into our lives on “OH NAH YEAH”. This is a track that solidifies itself as a total earworm literally seconds into starting, and, of course, it only gets better from there. Our only gripe? We wanted it to last forever. But we suppose that’s what the replay button is for…

Years and Years – “Starstruck (feat. Kylie Minogue)”

Well, it doesn’t get any gayer than this, does it girls? This collaboration was surely bound to happen, after all, the pair are some of the 21st century’s biggest gay icons. Doing the feature thing right and making a complete and utter banger, “Starstruck” is a meeting of the minds between two legendary pop princesses that shimmers and twinkles in ALL the right places. We give it ten million stars!

Malik Polo – “Abundance”

Egyptian-Irish rapper Malik Polo’s gets raw on his latest single, a tackling of love, money, and happiness over a slow, unfurling rap beat. Growing up in Dubai, Polo was surrounded by people with money in excess, but that didn’t necessarily bring them happiness. If chasing the bag is your thing – go for it, Polo implores you, just make sure everything else is sorted out too.

Fijitrip – “Kill The Game”

Norwegian hyperpop star Fijitrip wants you to know the real him in the video for his new track “Kill The Game”. The three-minute epic is all about his life up until now, having only debuted a little over a year ago, set to tinny synths that sputter and clang in wild abandon. We’d tell you all the meaty details he reveals, but that’d be cheating. You’ll just have to watch the video yourself!

Saint Joshua – “Love This…”

Meandering into woozier territories, Saint Joshua’s latest track strips things right back, filling our ears with luscious harmonies, echoing vocals and deliciously smooth R&B. This one is for the lovers of all things sensual, with Joshua ticking every sonic box you could think of.

Rezz – “Taste of You (feat. Dove Cameron)”

A match like this could only be made in heaven. Think thunderous, acid-tinged techno paired with powerful vocals and a pop backbone only the best hits are made of.

emie nathan – “upstream”

emie nathan’s “upstream” is about life’s rollercoaster of blissful highs and tragic lows. Written about a 48 hour period of her life where she received a Platoon deal, lost a family member and celebrated her 24th birthday, the poetic track is an endeavour in soul-searching that’ll stir up the most gut-punching emotions you’ve ever felt. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


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