The rapper speaks with Beenie Man for our Summer 21 issue.

Stefflon Don Omega cover
Stefflon Don Omega cover

” So much has changed, from where I live and my bankbook, to what I’m doing now and who I am. It’s totally different. I’m just grateful to be able to even release music because I know there’s a lot of people in certain positions who can’t even release, whoever believed in them before, whether it’s a label or whatever, they’re just not there no more; so they can’t even release a video or they couldn’t even get the backing. I’m in a space that I’m so appreciative of – just being able to do stuff like that.”

“Even DJ Khaled told me I’m the best/You think I’m lying?” Five years after the release of her 2016 hit single “Real Ting,” it’s become glaringly obvious Stefflon Don wasn’t lying. Nor was DJ Khaled. In the last few years, the lyrical genius has bagged a million-dollar record deal with Universal, three more-than-deserved MOBO nominations and collaborated with some of the industry’s biggest stars – from Drake to Doja Cat. Staggeringly, all before dropping her sophomore album. Now with new genre-bending EP “Island 54” on the horizon, Don is picking up where she left off and continuing her catapult to superstardom as rap’s fiercest, and most versatile contender. Covering our Summer issue, Don talks to Dancehall’s King, Beenie Man, about the biggest obstacles she’s faced in her career, that on-stage surprise with Lil’ Kim, the importance of empowering Jamaican artists and how you’re only as strong as your team.

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