Laura Mvula, Charli XCX and A.G. Cook have us dancing our socks off in this week’s music playlist.

Laura Mvula Wonderlist Church Girl
Laura Mvula Wonderlist Church Girl

A.G. Cook – “Xcxoplex (feat. Charli XCX)”

We’re starting this week’s Wonderlist with a missed track from last week, because we just can’t get enough, literally inject Charli’s vocals into our bones. We’re not sure what possessed this dream team to give a facelift to the tried and tested A.G. Cook classic that is “XXXoplex” – a raucous homage to footie chants and the dance floor – but we ARE sure that it’s one of the best tunes we’ve heard in a hot minute. It’s even got a billboard ad in London Bridge… what a classic.

renforshort – “fall apart (feat. glaive)”

Full of fury and passion, renforshort’s latest single is edgier than a 50-foot cliff! Think pop-punk guitar riffs and fiery vocals, an anthemic take on the heartbreak anthem, with an e-boy featuring twist. As ren’s first co-producing credit, the tune is certainly a special one, kicking around the singer’s computer for over a year until the perfect spirit came along with that necessary sprinkling of spice, seasoning this offering just right.

Elle L – “Hoping”

With vocals so delicate they could smash into a thousand pieces if they reach a higher octave, Elle L is taking us there on “Hoping”. The sombre track is positively brimming with soul, an otherworldly experience aiming to transcend all of today’s chaos to appreciate the beauty in all life has to offer. And the visuals?! Talk about taking our breath away. I hope it’s not too late for us to become gorgeous ballerinas too…

Laura Mvula – “Church Girl (Dimitri From Paris DANCE Remix)”

This last track has us feeling like we’ve stepped straight into an intro for Pose, a display of 80s synth magic so bop-tastic we might just have to bust a couple of moves in our bedroom. Someone get us some shoulder pads and a shellsuit – stat! All jokes aside, we’re pretty chuffed to have Laura Mvula back in the saddle after a five-year hiatus, reimagining some of her new material for Google Home’s Nest Sessions. Bring on the rest of the tunes, Ms Mvula!

easy life – have a great day

As their highly-anticipated debut album life’s a beach is set to wash-up on shore (28th May – don’t miss it!), easy life drop another melodic offering to keep our ears busy for the time being. Trying to escape the dreary grey skies of the UK, the band bring the blissful Hawaiian tropics straight to our front door, trading in chip-hungry seagulls for tropical beaches and pretty fishes. I wonder where they think of Brighton Pier? Either way, it’s a 10/10 tune from us.

Leon Bridges – “Motorbike”

Leon Bridges is back on some dreamy shit with his new track “Motorbike”. The song comes with an announcement of his third studio album Gold Diggers Sound (out in July on Columbia), and its hazy, 70s-helmed music video, which was shot by multi-hyphenate singer Anderson .Paak. That’s quite a lot to take in, all you really need to know is that the track is a serene masterpiece in which Bridges dons a contrast stitch leather outfit (very hot) AND that he and his love even find the time to go on a Pulp Fiction-style diner robbery. Obsessed!

Lo Vallens – “The Bride”

If you’re into sultry tracks that conjure up images of hourglass silhouettes on red-hued walls, and/or make you feel like an absolute sex kitten, let us introduce you to Lo Vallens’ new track, “The Bride”. Enthralling melodies and slow-burning passion envelope this woozy number, which actually takes its name from Uma Thurman’s legendary role in Kill Bill, encouraging you to look, feel, touch, taste and indulge your senses in all the pleasures life has to offer. Sounds like a pretty good time if you ask us…


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