Textured folk melodies, strip-back productions and ethereal vocals: the duo are back with their latest offering taken from their new album.

Little Liars
Little Liars

Back with another stirring dosage from their upcoming full-length project is folk-rock duo Ida Mae with “Little Liars”. Known for their fierce thumping productions, the duo strip it back for their new single, adding a more sultry tone and hypnotic underlays. Led by Stephanie Jean’s powerhouse vocals, the duo’s latest release is a more light-hearted approach to their sound, with textured folk-tinged guitars and minimal instrumentation. Coming alongside a slick animated video from TP Hyland, the duo add a cinematic layer to the serene production, capturing the enchanting soundscape.

Speaking on the single, the duo said, “This a runaway song, the first person whisperings of a seductress that you’ll follow whatever the consequences! Politically speaking this song also has become increasingly poignant to us as 2021 has continued.”

Inspired by their transatlantic travels, their latest single is lifted from their forthcoming album Click Click Domino, which set to take us through the duo’s journey in the past two years – from their critically-acclaimed debut album Chasing Lights to their days on the road in the US. With the release set for July 16 and the duo announcing a headline show in August, it’s clear that the duo are coming back with full force this summer.

Check out the single below…