The rising star drops a fierce new video from her upcoming sophomore EP.

Savannah Conley
Savannah Conley

We’re all too familiar with those early days of dating when there lies an ocean of words unsaid, and we bite our tongues out of sheer uncertainty. For Savannah Conley, this feeling is all too familiar as she goes in deep for her latest hair-raising track “Being Around You”. Like a fast incoming wave, the Nashville singer-songwriter makes her entrance with a fierce bassline, before achingly breaking across the bridge with soothing vocals. Rich with raw emotion and strong guitar strings, the singer leaves a lasting impression as the single draws to a close, as she finally comes to terms with the situation and fades beneath the evocative production.

“This one was written on a particularly ‘word vomitty’ night where I had been around a person that I had feelings for just too long without having a conversation about it,” the artist revealed. “It was at a party, and I was afraid that I was just going to blurt something out when there had been all this build up in my head. Thankfully I stopped myself, and just went home to write this song. I never ended up dating the person, which is a question I get a lot.”

Alongside the release of her latest single, the singer has stated that her latest EP “Surprise, Surprise” will be released this Thursday and feature tracks “Don’t Take Me Home” and title track “Surprise, Surprise”.

We caught up with the artist below. Check out the single and video below now…

Hi Savannah, how has this past year been for you?
Well I would imagine that there wasn’t a single person that found 2020 to be easy. Everyone was affected by the tragedy of having a global pandemic along with all of the other intense things going on this past year. So, on that level, globally, it was hard of course. There were personal struggles as well for me, like not being able to be on the road, mental health, social interaction being so limited, and inspiration being limited along with that. I very much draw on interactions to write, so it was not a super creative season for me on that front. But, there were also good things! I got to spend more time with my family than I ever have, which is great since I like them luckily. I also got to slow down, which was a learning experience, but now I appreciate it.

And the music video for “Being Around You” is super emotive – what did you want to evoke with it?
I wanted it to be really relatable. Straight forward enough to be a situation most people have been in, but dramatic enough to feel like what you wish you could do in those situations. Like, run out of the party, get fucked up, and scream dance in the driveway. This is also part of a two part video, coupling with another song. So, I wanted it to build tension leading into the sort of coming to terms that will be shown in the following video.

What do you hope your music video brings people at such an uncertain time?
Honestly, I hope it makes people say ‘oof, i’ve been there before’, but also I hope it can make people laugh at themselves too. Bringing drama into silly things like an unrequited crush presents an element that is just sort of funny in a tongue in cheek way. Like, why is this crush or person so important to me? But, also fuck it, it makes me feel something so it must be important!

“Being Around You” is taken from your new EP “Surprise, Surprise” – what ties all the singles together?
They were all written in my early twenties, which is a very specific time of life, learning to be an adult person. That is definitely the common thread. Youth but like with some credit card debt.

What are you looking forward to in 2021
Touring! Definitely touring. And hopefully using some of the lessons I’ve learned during all this.