The trailblazing artist debuts her new exhibit at The Untitled Space.

Fahren Feingold
Fahren Feingold

A blur of faces, friends and plans, city life can be all-consuming – and it’s good for the soul every so often to slow down. And that is what artist Fahren Feingold is doing with her solo exhibition, “HIGH ON LIFE”. Inspired by self-healing and moments of clarity, the trailblazing artist boasts a collection that tells the story of finding sanctuary in the dark and isolated days through pastel watercolour art and limited edition clothing. Radiating life through dreamlike colours and bold lettering, Feingold adapts her contemporary landscape style into a body of work that celebrates empowerment and solitude.

“High on Life is about reconnecting with myself and what brings me pure happiness,” Feingold revealed. “Trying to find moments of clarity and sanctuary in the dark and isolated days of the pandemic through nature, solitude, and deeper self-connections.”

Already being championed by the likes of Forbes and Huffington Post for her ability to capture the space between erotic and ethereal, Feingold’s artwork celebrates the simple beauty of the naked body, breaking down censorship and body shaming. Launching her dreamlike series today, the collection will continue to be able to view through to July 31 at The Untitled Space.

Check out the video and some pieces from the collection below…