The trailers for Selena: The Series season 2 and Ziwe head up this week’s film and TV round-up.

Screen Wonders Selena: The Series

Netflix: Selena

Screen Wonders Selena: The Series
Netflix: Selena

It is safe to say that we have rinsed every series and film that Netflix has to offer. Whether it’s comfort watching Friends for the millionth time or binging documentaries, we have embarked on some serious watching over the last year, meaning our ‘to watch’ lists are running a little dry. Well, fear not, as we have rounded up the best trailer drops of the week. From unfiltered political comedy talk shows to second instalments of Selena: The Series and Ted Lasso, here are the trailers we are loving this week…

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Marvel Studios is back with another explosive and action-packed trailer. This week, the company unveiled the trailer for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, a tale that follows an assassin who has been trained since his birth to fend off the highly dangerous terror group, the Ten Rings. After attempting to seek normality and peace in the heart of San Francisco, we see Shang-Chi’s fate catch up to him as he is hunted by the highly dangerous criminals. With the likes of Awkwafina featuring, the film holds the promise of high-intensity drama and fight scenes that will have you on the edge of your seat.


Filled to the brim with candid socio-political conversations, SNL-esque sketches and a plethora of star-studded comedic faces, Ziwe is something to behold. The Nigerian-American comedy queen – who shares her name with the show – plays host to a line up that includes the likes of Fran Lebowitz, Phoebe Bridgers and Patti Harrison in her new talk and sketch show. No topic is off-limits as an exploration of race and prejudice takes precedent in the trailer, meaning that we are expecting some overdue unfiltered conversations on the topics that matter most. So, if you are looking for your dose of socio-political schooling mixed in with major laughs, set your calendars for May 9th when the show premieres.

Selena: The Series : season two

Selena: The Series has returned for a second season and we couldn’t be more thrilled. After the first season offered us an insight into the late singer’s humble beginnings and arduous climb to stardom, we became enchanted with her story. Now, season two is set to enter a new phase in the singer’s journey, one in which she grapples with her overwhelming success and romantic turmoil. And, while the show is not set to cover the stars tragic and untimely death, we hope that we will get a deeper look into the life that the iconic artist led, upon its return to Netflix on May 4th.

The Space Between

Do you ever find yourself listening to a bop and thinking to yourself, “where did this artist end up?!” Well, the trailer for The Space Between is here to offer you an idea. A coming of age tale that oozes inspiration and talent, the movie follows the washed-up rockstar Micky Adams – played by Golden Globe-winner Kelsey Grammer –  as he forms an unlikely friendship with a young mailroom worker who has been sent to convince him to end his record label contract. Touching on his lost sense of self, once prosperous music career and his public perception, the trailer holds the promise of introspection, raw emotions and a whole lot of madness. The film is set for release April 23rd.

Ted Lasso: Season 2

Despite lacking the qualifications and experience necessary, the lovable coach is returning for the second season of Ted Lasso in the hopes that he can lead his team to victory. The trailers exudes optimism and wholesome vibes as we continue to watch Ted (Jason Sudeikis) – embody the role of the underdog, on a path to proving everyone wrong. The series is set to land on July 23 this year.


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