The rising rockstar pays homage to icon Freddie Mercury in her latest retro-tinged single.

Nathalie Miranda
Nathalie Miranda

Making her return with her powerhouse vocals and stellar octave range in tow is singer-songwriter Nathalie Miranda with “Battle Scars”. Bursting with energy and flair, the singer makes a departure from her recently dark and moody single “Catch 22” and incorporates a more retro 70s rock sound with twangy guitars and full-throttle vocals. Exploding at the chorus with an array of drum beats and rhythms, the singer creates a live feel to the single, pouring out her emotion into every beat and capturing the energy of the production.

“The idea of creating more of a live feel was really appealing to me, as performing live is where I really come to life, ” Miranda revealed. “There is nothing like being on that stage surrounded by the energy of your bandmates and the audience.”

Accompanying the single with a Freddie Mercury-inspired video, the singer grips the mic as she performs alongside her band and aggressively puts a performance filled with drama and strength. With an EP and six genre-bending singles under her belt, we caught up with the rock star talking her ever-growing sound and what we can expect in the future.

Check out the interview below…

Hey Nathalie! Hows this year been for you! Has it affected you creatively?
Hi! 2021 has been busy so far. I recorded Battle Scars in January and it’s been pretty non-stop since then!
I think creatively, with the UK still being in lockdown at the time of writing the new song, I felt even more inspired and determined to work as hard as I could and get more music out there.

Congratulations on the new single “Battle Scars” talk us through the production process, did you face any difficulties recording in lockdown?
Thankyou! My writing and production process is usually the same, it’s kind of a formula that works best for me. I write the melody and lyrics, and my producer and co-writer will write the music. We then record the vocals and then he will produce and mix the track. I really enjoy the production process and it’s a chance to get all those ideas in my head out onto the screen, and into the song. I’m lucky enough to have a small recording set up in my home, so I don’t have to rely on going to a studio.

The single has an edgy rock vibe, and less retro than “Catch 22”, why did you choose to go with this vibe?
That’s interesting, I thought Battle Scars was even more retro! I actually wanted something much more retro than ‘Catch-22’ with more of a live feel to it. I was inspired by bands like Free, Deep Purple, and Rival Sons. At my heart, I’m a blues and soul girl. It’s the raw passion and emotion that really inspires me. I wanted my vocal in Battle Scars to be almost like I was on stage at a gig just doing my thing and singing my heart out. It was tough to not go back and fix things that I thought needed fixing (the perfectionist in me!) but my producer convinced me that what I had put down sounded more authentic as it was!I guess when it comes down to it, I like to rock out and in the absence of live gigs right now, I wanted to put all that energy into a song.

The video gave subtle nods to Freddie Mercury, what about him inspires you and why did you choose to honour him in this way?
First of all, there’s that voice. It’s unmistakable; it’s raw; it’s epic. He is the best frontman ever in my opinion, and a phenomenal songwriter. But there’s also the human side to Freddie; having read many books about him, I’ve learnt that he was very different offstage, shy, insecure about certain things. And I feel a certain affinity with that, because onstage is where I feel most powerful and confident. Offstage, I’m shy and not so self-confident.I wanted to pay a tiny tribute to him in this video by recreating his mic stand, which was not easy! There was a lot of smoke and mirrors, clever camera angles to make it look like I’d pulled the mic straight out of the base! I’m happy we got it looking good though, and I tried to channel Freddie during my band scenes in the video. Plus, it’s actually really fun holding the mic that way’ it definitely makes you feel more powerful and ready to rock!

What’s next for you/ what are you most excited for?
What’s next for me? I’m already thinking about my next single, which may be completely different to “Battle Scars”. And I’m excited to see what the rest of 2021 holds for my music. And I’d love to get back on stage again too. I miss that so much.


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